New Hall pre-school “delighted” with Ofsted report

A CHURCH LANGLEY based pre-school has received a glowing Ofsted report by the government watchdog.

Smiles Montessori New Hall was only opened earlier this year but it is clear that the school has made an impression on the inspectors.

Among the positive points made were:

1. Children demonstrate a strong understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe. Staff provide them with opportunities to carry out their own risk assessments and they discuss the reason why safety measures are in place.

2. Effective teaching strategies are used to support and extend children’s language and communication. As a result, children show high levels of confidence in talking to adults. They are able to express their views and make their needs known.

3. Children are supported well in preparing for their transfer to the next room or onto school. Discussion, detailed information and visits to the new setting and from the new key person all contribute to making the transfer as seamless as possible.

4. Practitioners encourage children to become independent and manage their own needs well. For example, at meal times, children serve themselves, pour drinks and clear their own plates.

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