Help Church Langley mum get her lifetime of photographs back

EccoA CHURCH LANGLEY mother is “hoping for a miracle” after two hard drives containing 25,000 photographs of her family were mistakenly given to a charity shop.

Church Langley resident Emma Gray, donated a TV cabinet and small set of drawers to the ECCO charity shop in Edinburgh Way on Monday, August 16 but inside one of the drawers were two hard drives containing the pictures, and some videos, mainly of her children.

Emma said: “I’ve lost 14 years of photographs of my children growing up,” she said. “I feel sick.”

“When we moved and the items didn’t fit into our home, my partner suggested donating them to a charity shop. I’d put the hard drives in the drawer to keep them safe, and I just didn’t think when I donated them. I am absolutely devastated,” she said.

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