Harlow Museum want your favourite memories of Harlow


HARLOW Museum are about to launch a great memory project but they need your help.

This is a photograph exhibition for the people of Harlow, by the people of Harlow, facilitated by their museum. They want to exhibit your favourite memories of Harlow using your photographs and your words.

The aim is to (temporarily) use you photographs in our exhibition gallery to create living memory walls.

It would be great if you could come down with your photographs and write your memories on the wall yourself, but if that’s not possible we would be grateful of contribution via mail to the following address:

YOUR favourite memories

Harlow Museum

Muskham Road


CM20 2LS

If mailing your photographs please include a short description what the photographs is depicting, including the date and location where possible. Your memory should be written on a post-it note sized piece of paper and included in the envelope.

Please contact Sammy at curator@science-alive.co.uk or at via phone on 01279 454 959

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