Mystery of police convoy that sped through Harlow

JUST after midday on Tuesday, we noticed a four car police convoy speeding through the town.

We spotted it as it went past the Water Gardens.

It comprised of three traffic cars with blue lights flashing plus a large brown armoured truck type police vehicle.

As we were curious, we followed the four vehicle convoy as it sped through the town. It went through Abercrombie Way, Southern Way and out towards Jack Hatch.

It the wound its way around the back of Epping Green before going down Epping High street and out towards Loughton.

We have asked the Essex Police press team and they had no knowledge.

We put a tweet out to the officer (s) out in Harlow but answer there was none.

If we get an answer, we will let you know.

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One Response to "Mystery of police convoy that sped through Harlow"

  1. jarrett   December 7, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Used banknotes going for incineration at the BOE Loughton?

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