WW1: Please help us pay tribute to The Fallen

BETWEEN 1914 and 1918, 126 men from Harlow left and never came back.

Short biographies of their lives are documented in an excellent booklet by Harlow Council called “Remembering those who sacrificed their lives for us”.


YourHarlow would like to film a number of simple pieces that pay tribute to those brave men.

Our plan is to film and publish the remembrance service in the town park on Sunday November 11th and then one tribute piece each day for the next 126 days.

But we need your help.

We need people to stand in front of our camera and read a couple of paragraphs from the booklet.

You may be standing either outside or near to where our heroes lived or we film near where you live or outside your place of work. Infact, wherever you feel comfortable.

If you can help and/or would like to know more, please contact us at newsdesk@yourharlow.com or tel: 07757167689

We really hope you can help.

Below is a list of the fallen and where they lived.

The Fallen

1. George Aldridge: Endway, Great Parndon-Three Horsehoes Road
2. Arthur Cottee: Parndon Road
3. George Fairchild: Church Cottages, GP
4. Thomas Lewis: Canons, Hare Street
5. George Myson: Tyson Gate, GP
6. Stanley Philliben: Church Cottages, GP
7. James Seympur: Kingsmoor Cottages, GP
8. Ernest Woolard: Clapgates, GP
9. Thomas Woolard: As above

10. Henry Ayton: Spring St, Netteswell
11. Henry Belben: Broomhill Cottages, NX
12. Joseph Culver: Mill House, LP
13. Alfred Hale: New Cottages, NX
14. Lee Lewis: 14 The Avenue, Burnt Mill
15-17: Thomas, Cyril and Francis Riley: Post Office NX

18.Charley Thompson: Tye Cottages

19. William Wheatley: Spring St, BM
20. Alfred Winch: Netteswell Common
21. John Wood: NX

22. Thomas Baldock: White Horse, Potter St
23. Vivian Ballard:
24. Albert Beadle:
25. William Blatch: NX
26. Arthur Brown
27: Henry Brown: Mill Street
28. Herbert Clement: Potter Street
29. John Cordell: Potter St
30. George Debnam: Harlow Common
31. Charles Hall: M and C:
32. William Hood: The Poplers, Potter St
33. Alfred Hutton: Harlow Common
34. Thomas Kerry: Kitchen Hall,
35. Albert Lawrence: Mill St
36. Alfred Lincoln
37. John Lincoln: Barnsley Wood
38. Charles Lindsell: Latton Vicarage
39. George Little: Harlow Common
40. Richard Palmer: Kings Head, Potter St
41. Fred Pavitt: Post Office, Potter St
42. Arthur Poney: Potter Street
43. John Robinson: Kingston Hall Cottages, PS
44. William Sortwell: Glovers Farm
45. Alfred Sortwell: Springside, Roydon Villas
46. Henry Smith: Harlow Road
47. William Stanham: Mark Hall Wood
48. Reginald Wheeler: Latton Street
49. Walter Wheeler: Potter Street
50. Albert Wilson: Green Lane, Foster Street
51. Montague Winch: Hastingwood Villas
52. Walter Woolard: Potter Street

53. Albert Wilson: Green Lane
54. Charles Hall: M and C
55. Francis Aly: Hobbs X
56. William Alsop: Old Road
57. James Bailey: Kennels, Harlow
58. William Banham: Bury Road
59. Henry Banham: Bury Road
60. James Bayford: Back Street
61. Charles Beale: Back Street
62. Cecil Beeney:
63: Arthur Bines: Malling Farm TB
64. Edwinbn Bines:
65. Harry Bird: Hobbs X
66. Reginald Bradley: Churchgate St
67. Victor Burton: Foster St
68. William Cakebread: Durrington House, Sheering
69. Harry Clarke
70. Herbert Clement: Potter Street
71. John Cook
72. Fredrick Cook: Whitehouses, Harlow
73. Albert Cordell: Brook Cottages Churchgate Street
74. Ernest Cordell
75. Herbert Cordell: Foster Street
76. Reginald Cowlin: Bury Road,
77. Sydney Cowlin: New Road, Eastfield
78. Edward Deards
79. Thomas Deards: Dock Yard
80. Henry Fitzjohn: Bury Cottages, Old Road
81. Fred Francis: Old Road
82. Crawford Gadsden: Bury Road
83. Gerard Hoare: Piper House
84. Arthur Hoy: Threshersbush:
85. John Kirkcaldy: Feltimores
86. Henry Linsall
87. Edward Linsall: Garden Terrace Road
88. Fred Linsell: Ye Oldecot, Thersher
89. Edward Luckin: Hobbs Cross
90. James Marshall: Harlow
91. Albert Monk: Sheering Road
92. Albert Negus: High House Cottages
93. William Page: Old Road
94. Victor Parish: Hobbs Cross
95. Arthur Perry: Old Road
96. Robert Sandford
97. Willam Poole:
98: Cecil Pryor: Holls Farm, Threshersbush
99. Stanley Purkiss: Hillsdie Cottages, Churchgate Street.
100. Henry Randall: Chalks Farm Sawbo
101: John Reed: Back Street
102: John Reed
103: Robert Reed: Shoe Lane
104. Harry Reynolds: Harlow Common
105. Percy Samuel
106. William Samuel: Garden Terrace
107. Henry Seabrook: St Marys College
108. Henry Searle: Fore Street
109. Charles Selmes: High Street,
110. Alfred Seymour: Reform Cottages, Harlow Tye
111. James Seymour: The Maypole, Harlow Road
112. Charles Skingle: Bury Road
113. Herbert Smith: Foster Street
114. James Smith: New Way Lane
115. Alex Swire
116. James Wakeling
117. Fred Wakeling: Bury Cottages, Old Road
118. Johnny Wakeling
119. Ernest Wakeling: Magdalen Laver Road
120. Samson Ward: Old Road
121. Leonard Weald: Dock Yard
122. Bernard Wheeler: London Road
123. James Winch: Chalks Lane
124. James Winter:
125. John Wood: Parker’s Place
126. John Dent: Churchgate St
127. Arthur Petty: Bury Road.

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