“Plans not placards” Tories and Labour clash over Harlow libraries

THE CHAIR of Harlow Council did start out the meeting hoping that councillors would embrace the season of goodwill. Fat chance. Harlow Labour and Conservative councillors clashed over possible plans to close Harlow libraries.

A motion was proposed by Netteswell councillor, Shannon Jezzard. It was cllr Jezzard’s debut since winning a recent by-election and she spoke with passion on how important the libraries were to her education.

However, the Harlow Conservatives questioned why Labour were not coming up with any plans or proposals. Both Conservative leader, Andrew Johnson and deputy leader, Joel Charles, painted a picture of a Labour group that was starting to act more like a pressure group than a political party.

A Conservative amendment was defeated. The motion was passed.

Film of the motion is below.

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One Response to "“Plans not placards” Tories and Labour clash over Harlow libraries"

  1. Pytr Kropotkin   January 2, 2019 at 4:42 pm

    The Tories want a plan? Here’s a plan … keep our libraries open. Here’s another plan … (one for the Tories themselves) Actually turn up to your surgeries rather than cowering in the shadows like craven wimps.

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