Letter to Editor: Climate change is local and global

Dear Sir,

Climate change is a local, national and worldwide issue. We must take action against climate change now! We don’t have time to waste. The UN have said we have 12 years until we reach the point of no return.

We must transform our energy system to 100% renewable energy. We must use green gas, eco friendly vehicles and ban fossil fuels. We must reduce plastic waste and stop using non-recyclable plastics.

Climate change is real and we have no time to waste. If we don’t act now there will be consequences. Big companies are responsible for a lot of the pollution, so they should lead the way to compacting climate change if not we should all stand together against these big companies and tell them that their profits are no more important than this planet.

The Tory government are failing to act on climate change, they need to get their act together and take action now or move a side for a government that will.


Jake Payne

Labour’s candidate for Sumners and Kingsmoor ward.

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2 Responses to "Letter to Editor: Climate change is local and global"

  1. MickyB77   December 22, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    Really ?
    Perhaps if the Marxists get in, Corbyn will perhaps click his fingers and the world
    will be purified.
    Who will paying for what in your utopia Jake?

  2. jarrett   December 23, 2018 at 11:34 am

    We are aleady paying enough in green tax on energy bills and you want to increase this by paying land owners to have more ugly wind generation, crazy.

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