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RECENTLY, we published a story on the progress made by each and every primary school in Harlow. Most of the comments on the story were made on our increasingly popular Facebook page.

The comments were reasoned, perceptive and intelligent. Many disagreed with the SATS exams system and believed that a child’s well-being should at the heart of a primary education but the readers (mostly women) made the comments without a need to make rude, abrasive comments and misplaced assumptions.

In many ways it was typical of most of the debates on our education page.

The same cannot (at times) be said on our politics page and as we may well be coming into a vital time in our nation’s political history, the level of political comment must be of high standard.

When this reporter read History at university (some time ago), the department had lecturers that came right across the political spectrum. As far as I can remember, students who sat in Dr Frank Matthew’s seminars on Socialism and Syndicalism didn’t barrack him with “Marxist..Go to Russia if you like it so much” nor did they dismiss Dr Stachura’s work on Polish history or Dr Bebbington’s work on William Ewart Gladstone with juvenile slurs and slanders. (That is Prof Bebbington is the picture. I worshipped him intellectually then and now but he did instil in me an annoying habit of asking “Therefore” and “That is to say?”).

So let’s get this right, make your point, make it clear, concise and considered. If you can’t do that, then this is the Internet, you are bound to find somewhere else.

Happy New Year


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One Response to "Comments section: A place for reasoned, intelligent debate"

  1. MickyB77   January 8, 2019 at 7:36 am

    I notice a distinct shortage of comment here, I wonder why ?
    Some people say it’s due to the selective preferences of the editorial staff.
    Fair point ?

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