Athletics: Harlow runners show resolution on New Years Day

SEVERAL Harlow Running Club Members recovered from the New Year Celebrations by completing various parkruns on New Years Day morning, some even finishing two closely located parkruns that had different start times.

At Valnetines parkrun Martin Westley finished in 6th place out of 358 finishers in 18.04(PB), Andy Kitson was 22nd in 20.19, Paul Schroder 27th in 20.45, Laura Prime 133rd in 26.34, Wendy Schroder 145th in 26.58, Liz Roberts 248th in 32.17 and Sara Coombe 341st in 49.15.

At Wanstead Flats parkrun Martin Westley finished in 5th place out of 359 finishers in 18.11, Paul Schroder was 96th in 24.25, Andy Kitson 97th in 24.26, Laura Prime 175th in 26.55, Wendy Schroder 214th in 27.52 and Liz Roberts 283rd in 30.34.

At Westmill parkrun Ben Usher finished in 8th place out of 216 finishers in 21.23, Catherine Ridge 27th in 25.02, Sean Flynn 32nd in 25.38, Graham Saville 36th in 25.56, Terry Ridge 42nd in 26.43, Holly Davis 44th in 26.48, Darren Rautenbach 50th in 27.11, Gail Nicholls 50th in 27.16, Martin Elven 64th in 27.58, Alan Cootes 65th in 28.02, Spencer Brooks 114th in 31.18, Paul Cadogan 118th in 31.30, Hossein Erfani 138th in 33.17 and Helen Brunton 192nd in 45.23.

At Panshanger parkrun Colin Baker finished in 33rd place out of 521 finishers in 21.00, Sean Flynn was 106th in 23.49, Louise Kedge 158th in 25.32, Holly Davis 222nd in 27.10, Paul Cadogan 292nd in 29.09 and Holly Nairn 350th in 30.59.

At Castle Park parkrun Graham Saville finished in 66th place out of 270 finishers in 24.02, Darren Rautenbach was 69th in 24.11, Andy Smith 74th in 24.23, Martin Elven 80th in 24.37, Spencer Brooks 147th in 27.20, Vicky Steadman 177th in 29.10 and Hossein Erfani 178th in 29.16.

At Barclay parkrun Andy Smith finished in 41st place out of 145 finishers in 27.32 and Tracy Stratford was 68th in 30.21.

At Colchester parkrun Lee Webber finished in 14th place out of 306 finishers in 20.18 and Sandra Webber was 133rd in 27.14.

At Clacton Seafront parkrun Lee Webber finished in 16th place out of 340 finishers in 20.21 and Sandra Webber was 138th in 27.21.

At St Neots parkrun Alan Wellbelove finished in 261st place out of 519 finishers in 29.32 and Teresa Stickland was 302nd in 30.59.

At Huntingdon parkrun Alan Wellbelove finished in 295th place out of 539 finishers in 30.04 and Teresa Stickland was 441st in 34.00.

At Enfield parkrun Robin Lozeau finished in 201st place out of 339 finishers in 27.21.

At East Barnet parkrun Robin Lozeau finished in 213th place out of 428 finishers in 27.32.

At Curl Curl parkrun in Australia Hazel Kurz finished in 116th place out of 275 finishers in 27.03.

At Willoughby parkrun in Australia Hazel Kurz finished in 97th place out of 202 finishers in 28.21.

At Felixstowe parkrun Andy Kinney finished in 468th place out of 671 finishers in 32.58.

At Ipswich parkrun Andy Kinney finished in 158th place out of 220 finishers in 33.00.

At Hatfield parkrun Danny McCree finished in 8th place out of 337 finishers in 18.17.

At Great Dunnow parkrun Jon Waight finished in 15th place out of 205 finishers in 21.53.

At Chelmsford parkrun David Page finished in 291st place out of 811 finishers in 26.14, Janice Page was 352nd in 27.11 and Dan Chapman 552nd in 30.57.

At Bournemouth parkrun Leigh Brown finished in 229th place out of 639 finishers in 25.38(PB).

At Reigate parkrun Louise Peacock finished in 213th place out of 332 finishers in 30.00.

At Lowestoft parkrun Terasa Holden finished in 447th place out of 521 finishers in 34.37.

On New Years Eve at the Ely 10K Rob Lowe finished in 16th place out of 616 finishers and 2nd Vet 45 in a superb 36.28. He was followed by Paul Schroder 84th in 41.52 (PB), Kelly Rowland 91st and 1st Female Vet 40 in 42.05, Vicky Steadman 145th in 45.13, Jamie Jephcott 234th in 48.39, Michelle Hyde 247th in 49.26(PB), Wendy Schroder 295th in 51.56, Janice Page 340th in 53.37, David Page 347th in 53.45 and Brenda Clayton 492nd and 1st Female Vet 70 in 59.59.

At the off road New Years Eve Flitch Way Marathon Kerry Mavris finished in 49th place out of 129 finishers and 5th Female in a commendable 4hrs 06min 41sec.

On the 30th December at the Buntingford 10 Mile race Martin Westley finished in 26th place out of 522 finishers in an excellent 1.03.11, Rich Hynes was 38th in 1.06.00, Nick Ryley-Warren 164th in 1.18.54, Sean Flynn 208th in 1.22.54, Laura Prime 280th in 1.28.42, Debbie Smith 351st in 1.35.00, Louise Peacock 397th in 1.39.04, Liz Roberts 446th in 1.46.27 and Helen Barnes-Martin 457th in 1.47.27.

At the Six Geese A Laying 10 Mile Trail Run at Ongar Darren Coates finished in 10th place out of 98 finishers in 1.26.46, Julia Gardiner was 42nd in 1.49.19, Kerry Mavris 55th in 1.56.59 and Louise Kedge 59th in 1.57.04.

Many members took part in one of several parkruns on the 29th December.
At Harlow parkrun Andy Terrell finished in 2nd place out of 174 finishers in 20.51. He was followed home by Sharon Wright in 4th place in 21.26, Andy Kitson 6th in 21.34, Catherine Ridge 15th in 23.06, Ryan Smith 16th in 23.09, Terry Ridge 17th in 23.14, Robert Scott 19th in 23.26, Alison Beeton 21st in 23.33, John Bull 22nd in 23.34, Graham Saville 28th in 24.06, Andy Smith 30th in 24.23, Paul Dixon 34th in 24.31, Vanessa Bull 38th in 24.52, Bobby Draper 39th in 25.03, Steve Cowlin 42nd in 25.09, Holly Davis 43rd in 25.25. Kelly Grey 44th in 25.30(PB), Jim Bates 47th in 25.38, Chris McCarthy 50th in 25.54, Darren Rautenbach 53rd in 26.04, Andrew Smith 57th in 26.43, Spencer Brooks 63rd in 26.53, Robin Lozeau 64th in 26.54, Alan Cootes 65th in 26.55, Richard Fryer 67th in 26.58, Sandra Webber 70th in 27.10, Hossein Erfani 98th in 29.26, Colin Baker 102nd in 29.42, Alison Bull 109th in 31.15, Dean Bull 158th in 41.04 and Karen Kitson 163rd in 42.14.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Craig Segal finiahed in 5th place out of 280 finishers in a PB time of 17.13 and Paul Schroder was 45th in 20.12(PB).

At the Gunpowder parkrun in Waltham Abbey Michael Woodruff finished in 8th place out of 169 finishers in 19.31(EQ PB) and Jon Waight was 14th in 20.48.

At Ware parkrun Martyn Coulter finished in 3rd place out of 69 finishers in 21.09, Martin Westley was 5th in 22.57, Michelle Hyde 14th in 26.24, Louise Cootes 30th in 29.52, Alan Chatterton 33rd in 30.27. Laura Prime 37th in 31.05, Teresa Stickland 40th in 31.45, Louise Peacock 44th in 33.18, Lindsey Pearson 47th in 35.31 and Helen Barrell 48th in 35.44.

At Shepton Mallet parkrun Kerry Mavris finished in 55th place out of 233 finishers in 24.00.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Justin Patten finished in 66th place out of 290 finishers in 24.34, Martin McColgan was 102nd in 26.25 and David Page 108th in 26.35.

At Hertford parkrun Louise Kedge finished in 100th place out of 352 finishers in 26.01 and Holly Nairn was 158th in 27.45.

At Centennial parkrun in Sydney Australia Hazel Kurz finished in 108th place out of 224 finishers in 27.08.

At the Eden Project parkrun Kate Babb finished in 181st place out of 338 finishers in 28.08(PB).

At Gladstone parkrun in North West London Alan Wellbelove finished in 86th place out of 124 finishers in 29.35.

At Edmonton parkrun Brenda Clayton finished in 78th place out of 124 finishers in 30.13.

At Great Yarmouth parkrun Terasa Holden finished in 303rd place out of 353 finishers in 34.39.

On the 28th December at the multi-terrain Great Barrow Challenge Marathon at Bury St Edmunds Sean Flynn finished in 24th place out of 96 finishers in 4.24.33.

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