Harlow Museum to host well-being and mindfulness course

A WELL-Being and mindfulness event is set to take place at Harlow Museum.

The organisers intend to make psychology relevant and tailored to the realities of your life, and enable you to move towards your preferred future.

Well-being & Mindful Eating Course: learn how to unwind and calm in a hectic challenging world. An informative, enjoyable and relaxing way to learn up-to-date psychology knowledge and skills to help your life today. Move forward with how you relate to eating.

The whole course is £120 for 4 two-hour sessions; this includes freshly made canapés and dishes as part of course experience. Hosted by Greg Mackenzie, NHS accredited and trained Psychotherapist with 15 years experience. We cap the course at ten people to enable a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and so we can tailor to your specific hopes and dilemmas.

This course is about learning long-term ways to feel better and navigate challenges with a calm clear mind. It’s also about taking time to be kind on yourself and have an enjoyable few weeks whilst you learn valuable skills. We intend to bring high-quality psychology and evidence-based techniques to you which actually make an important impact in your life. Save your spot or ask more details by emailing kathy@mwconversations.co.uk- option to pay just a deposit for now to secure your spot.

WHO FOR: This course is for anyone who’d like learn an up-to-date knowledge of how to:

* experience and enjoy eating in new and helpful ways
* really unwind in a hectic life
* reduce and cope more effectively with stress
* learn how to be kinder on themselves, feel more confident and resilient
* be mindful and calm, even when (or especially when!) busy or overwhelmed
* move forward with their relationship with food. Part of the course is talking about the way the body works in a range of situations including when feeling anxious or overwhelmed or low, this includes why we find ourselves ‘emotional eating’, eating ‘too much’ or not feeling like eating and, importantly, ways to move forward. Includes learning how to apply mindfulness to eating, and bodily sensations.

The course is a tasty, relaxing and enjoyable way to improve your well-being, including includes learning how to apply mindfulness to eating (no previous knowledge necessary!). Lively, informative and thought-provoking discussion to explore and learn ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

“It’s been life-changing for me, and although weight loss wasn’t my main intention, being able to maintain a healthy weight has been a wonderful result. And I think I’m probably enjoying eating more than I ever did. So many, many thanks for the mindful eating awareness.”

“I wanted to express my thanks for how much the course has made a difference to my life. I’d recommend it to anyone hoping to learn how to be calmer in face of a challenge! Or hoping to learn how to cope with stresses or feel confident in themselves. Applying mindfulness to eating was a great idea and allowed me to put into practice what I’d learnt straight away. It was a lovely fun and relaxed way to learn- thank you Greg!”

“I’ve always been a bit of a worrier and this course has given me ways to manage worry and anxiety which actually work! My partner and friends are amazed by the change in how much less stressed I am and how I now react calmly and confidently even when my buttons are pressed! Thank you thank you.”


* Sunday 13th, 20th, 27th January & 4th February 10.30-12.30am. 4 consecutive weeks.
* Monday 14th January, Monday 21st January, Monday 4th February and Monday 11th February 7-9pm. A week’s gap in the middle of 4 consecutive Monday evenings.
Harlow Museum, CM20 2LF. Free car-parking outside, step-free access. We acknowledge it is difficult to commit to 4 weeks, and will do our best to ‘catch you up’ and keep you connected with what is covered if you miss a week. Previous course attendees have come for 3 weeks and still given fantastic feedback, and had important outcomes from attending.

When booking please let us know any dietary requirements. We are very happy to answer any questions: kathy@mwconversations.co.uk or Greg on 07817 219628. For details of other well-being events please ‘follow’ us on here: ‘MW Conversations’, and for details of private therapy options either contact us directly or see mwconversations.co.uk.

We intend to make psychology relevant and tailored to the realities of your life, and enable you to move towards your preferred future. Thank you so much to Harlow Museusm & Walled Gardens for supporting us with our intentions, and hosting us so wonderfully.

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