Church Langley resident’s traffic survey reveals misery caused by gridlock

A CHURCH Langley resident has revealed details of a survey on the consequences of traffic delays for residents.

The survey comes after the vehicle users seemed to suffer a large number of traffic jams in (late ) 2018.

A few years ago, traffic flow seems to be bearable but it now seems that factors such as Gilden Way and New Hall developments, changes to road system, road traffic incidents on the M11 and M25, to name just a few have caused “Gridlock Church Langley”.

Catherine Searle decided to survey residents with a number of questions.

Here are some of the replies. Catherine has added the caveat that this is a sample survey taken from a number of days but it does provide insight into a problem that, like the traffic, isn’t going anywhere fast.

One of the key questions was: What impact has traffic delays had on you?

1. Loss of earnings
2. Late for work.
3. That’s not the point.
4. My child’s education is being affected.
5. My child received a detention

6. I missed an event.
7. Dead time
8. No cost associated yet.Just becoming embarrassing constantly apologising for being late. I can’t leave any earlier as I have to get my children dropped off first.
9. This is an ongoing problem. On Nov 22nd it took me one hour to get from Doulton Close to the town centre, not even two miles!
10.It’s not earnings it’s credibility in the work place that I’m more concerned about!

11.£20 per week in extra petrol. Incalculable amount for stress & anxiety with worry about school detentions, missed exams, work warning.
12.Not applicable but will b if sacked from work for persistent lateness
13.Late getting orders out to customers. Loss of Potential future orders. Could be £100s.
14.Clients left waiting as I’m a hair dresser
15. I work as an estate agent and people are avoiding buying in this area due to traffic, this will affect the value of our houses so thousands of pounds long term.

16. I work at the hospital and was unable to get a space in the staff car park due to have traffic and had to pay to park in the town centre after already paying to park in the staff car park.
17. Well I have to make the time up, so end up staying later at work……not happy about that
18. Late for meetings late for daily work hard to put a £ on it but it’s a mixture of fuel charge plus my partner has to get the bus he has been late numerous times because of this and ends up getting a cab near the end of his journey which is an added cost to him would be in the £100s per annum
19. My boss is so fed up and it affects my whole day
20. My job as on a warning for lates but physically cannot leave any earlier due to child care

Caroline then asked residents if they had anything they wanted to add.

Comments included.

Needs sorting it’s an absolute joke. Used to be a lovely place to live and now makes me want to move on the basis the traffic is horrendous. Needs a road out the back by the water tower through to Old Harlow.

Unless I leave home at 7.30 I have no chance of getting my daughter to Leventhorpe on time.

Why are ECC not doing anything about this. Going to be worse when the Science Park jobs start and have no where to park but the residential streets of Church Langley and Tesco car park

There needs to be more roads built to cope with the amount of traffic. It is ludicrous that more houses are being built plus a hotel and the roads are a mess everyday, they are only going to get worse! Emergency services would not have a chance in getting through! I’m thinking of moving house because of it everyday!

ECC do not reply to any email regarding concerns. The infrastructure is not in place to cope with the amount of new houses being built and there is no consideration to Harlow residents that are already living and paying in to a community. Where’s the money gone?

I have to leave an hour earlier than I need to in order to avoid the awful delays that occur every single day. This adds a lot of time to my working day. I have never seen the traffic this bad in 24 years of living in Church Langley; it took 20 mins to get from my home halfway up Church Langley Way to the Clocktower! There were no traffic incidents – this is normal. When the lights for New Hall on the A414 become operational, it’s going to be even more ridiculous – they stop traffic now and there is an instant tailback to Church Langley roundabout. Why did you close London Road?! We are now effectively trapped in the estate if there are any problems with the M11 or M25. What’s our MP doing? Does he even drive? It was quicker for me to get to Brentwood 10 years ago than it is for me to go from Harlow, across the M11 roundabout towards Epping these days!

Need some sort of traffic light system.

It is wholly unacceptable to have to allow 1hr 15 mins to get to work starting at 9 at the Pinnacles from Church Langley via St Marks school-it took me less time to commute by car to Bow E3 in past via M11 n the Redbridge rbt onto A11!

Make a 3rd lane parallel to inside lane btw Tesco rbt n A414 rbt and then feed it into bus lane for traffic going to Potter Street and M11. Buses don’t use bus lane

The Clock tower round about needs looking at as this is the problem

Lack of support from ECC is none existent. CL say they have no power to resolve this which makes we wonder why we have them if they have no power to do anything

This has become a daily occurrence recently.
I dread to think of what would happen if there was a major emergency

The traffic in and around church Langley and Harlow is ridiculous! The roundabouts in Harlow need yellow boxes on them with cameras so they stop being blocked and perhaps traffic signals to help with the flow of traffic like the Park Inn roundabout!

This journey should take no more than 12 mins each way even with traffic. 40 minute round journey everyday this week cannot be accepted.

Surely Essex cc have a duty of care to sort this out? One exit from an estate this size isn’t working anymore.

Approx 15min day to go from Doulton Close to the A414 roundabout, usually o my a couple of minutes. Then I sat in traffic on the A414 heading towards Mark Hall school for another 15 minutes which should only take a couple of minutes. Then I crawled slowly for the rest of my journey to Harlow Town Train Station. Missed my planned train at 08.40, although I left my house at 07.58!!!! Ridiculous!!! A journey which should take 10:15 minutes max!!!!

This is a daily problem with extensive delays, gridlocked traffic affecting the whole community of church Langley, over 3000 households, the clock tower roundabout cannot cope with the volume of traffic leading to approach routes and other roundabouts being blocked.

A 15 minute journey (9 miles) is taking a minimum of 45 minutes. Even if I leave earlier it makes no difference. Clocktower & also Mark Hall roundabouts not fit for purpose. Also bad from 3pm, queued for 20 mins to get from Churchgate Street

I’m disabled and work within a set distance so I am able to travel to work with ease. The traffic leaves me unable to do this and physically effects me for the rest of the day

To leave my house to avoid any possible traffic out of Church Langley or Harlow I have to leave at 7am. This is extremely early and often impractical- as I have a 1 year old son, and so is also completely unfair on him if he has had a bad night. I used to believe the traffic was caused by the M11 but now believe it’s a build up of traffic getting into Harlow itself (through congestion caused by workers coming in to Harlow and school traffic post 7.30am). The roads need a complete re-think to free up congestion which includes a second exit out of Church Langley to avoid a bottle neck at the clock tower roundabout.

I think traffic lights may help the situation, also a one way exit road to Harlow common

Distressed child late for school, I left 20 mins earlier than yesterday

Totally unnecessary delay caused by clock tower roundabout road markings not following Highway Code. Drivers can’t anticipate so come to a full stop causing tailbacks. Bus lane hardly used except for annoyed motorists and could be used as extra lane to ease pressure of 2 lanes going into I lane. Roundabouts from CL to M11 awful every day now due to ‘improvements’. Rubbish planning and as if designed by non-drivers!

The problem could be slightly alleviated by opening the bus lane as you come out of CL so that people can easily turn down Potter Street.
Also paint some ‘keep clear’ boxes on the CL roundabout to prevent people blocking it

The traffic has become increasingly heavy in the two years since I moved here. The traffic in Harlow itself is poor, but I spend as much time getting out of Church Langley as I do crossing the town at the times that I travel. There is one access road to Church Langley and this means that during peak times, the access road is full to bursting. The main exit carriageway should be widened and I believe the problems also stem from further up at the clock tower. Harlow council are encouraging new business, industry and residents, however it does not appear to be preparing for such an increase in terms of the infrastructure.

One exit out of such a large estate, on to a primary road which it itself is heavily trafficked is appalling planning. No resilliance built in. The new business park is already having an impact on traffic and as referred to in previous question, forces me to leave home earlier to avoid much longer delays. We are slowly being caged in to church Langley. Looking to move away in next few months.

Had to abandon my car part way down Church Langley in order to get my daughter to school who was upset about getting a late mark again! It’s a good 20 min walk for a 4 year old and too much on top of a full day at school plus I have a 1 year old in tow

I should not have to leave my house at 8 o clock to be in work for 9, it takes 20-25 minutes to get off of church Langley on a good day my brother is constantly late for school and I’m always late too work I am a hairdresser and it’s embarrasing being late for clients because of how bad the traffic is.

We will be moving from Church Langley due to traffic and had I known that before we moved I wouldn’t of done so. Any one that asks me about the area I would say that the people are lovely but don’t buy there as it’s awful for commuting

I live at the back of newhall. One exit out causes huge problems. Both ways are gridlock, London road and church langley way.

Church Langley resident continue to be discriminated against when planning for the future of Harlow and due to this the council has isolated resident from Harlow. Weather we get a bus or drive were are unable to get out of our homes to work, shop or socialise. We have to use the road network if we need to visit shops (other than Tesco’s) and the only way to do this is by road. Harlow & ECC have invested £12m in 2015 in upgrading the A414 the only thing this has done is to move traffic from the A414 into residential areas making concidarably less safe. We now have not only the whole of Church Langley trying to leave via one exit but now have the whole of Newhall using London Road via Church Langley to also leave Harlow. On top of the new hotel that no one wants and the increase in housing over the next year we feel complete detached from Harlow our cllrs and ECC.

I attend a Surrey hospital regularly for treatment, the drive alone is a 4 hour round trip. When I miss my appointment times I have to wait longer causing extra time added to my day, resulting in a very stressed day and adding to my fatigue more.

Started a new job local to home which ks now taking 40 minutes to do a 8 minute drive

In 4 years my kids have never been late for school and in the last 10 days have 3 late marks!!!!

A separate exit that service Potter Street/M11 from the top or middle of CL would be good

Sort the road infrastructure out before building anymore homes, it’s not rocket science

I have a critically ill child whom this also affects – a condition which is time critical however I am often ‘stuck’ in Church Langley. As a teacher, being constantly late for work not only affects me as an employee, but also the 30 children waiting for me to arrive. It is getting out of hand.

A couple of years ago, Church Langley would be gridlocked twice a year, due to accidents M11/A414, now it is at least 4 times a week.
I am leaving my house 25 mins earlier to try and avoid, unfortunately everybody else seems to be doing the same !!!
London Road use to be a pleasure to use, now with new road markings, plus new slip road at Mark Hall round about, it to is a nightmare.

I have lived here 22 years. The last few months had been a nightmare. I cannot walk to work as I look after elderly parents as well The one day I did walk due to traffic.
My father was rushed to hospital and my car was at home.

I moved here 2.5 years ago. The traffic was fine for the first year. Since September 2017 we have been late for school and work almost every day. We leave 40 mins early to get to school, which is only 10 min drive away and yet we are late most days! It’s getting worse and worse each day!! Too many cars on the road from too many houses being built with only one exit in/ out not to mention the constant road works in Harlow ! It’s never ending !!

As a driving instructor living and working in Harlow I see where the pockets of traffic build up – most noticeably the Clock Tower roundabout back to the Church Langley roundabout. The inconsistent, non-intuitive (and faded) markings on both roundabouts add to the confusion, frustration and congestion. Opening them up for multi-lanes for each direction (especially right from A414 to A1025), encouraging zip-filters further along the exits would ease congestion.

Too many people now commute from this part of the woods. One entry/ exit is ridiculous from CL. Need a filter lane with cameras to enable smooth flow.. to be honest anything will do

What about stress levels? The cost in reducing my life span, dealing with delays every week

This situation has been made worse since the Old London Road changes

As soon as there is any incident between the M11 and Sawbridgeworth, the whole of Church Langley becomes gridlocked.

This was my first day at work in my new career meeting the CEO of the company. I had to get to Woodford so left an hour and a half early and got there 10 minutes late resulting in me having a panic attack ! Totally unacceptable in this day and age

These delays have been happening since the slip road was added at clock tower roundabout heading towards town centre.

We need yellow grids boxes on our roundabout to stop selfish motorists blocking our roundabouts.

While the terrible traffic did t actually make me late this morning, I am logging to add to the ongoing traffic complaints. Luckily, we live only two roads away from school and usually walk but I needed to go straight out from dropping my daughter to school. It’s normally a two minute journey in the car.

Use lanes which are not being used what’s London Road all about what happens when new houses are built

Major concerns regarding the new layout of OLR and how this is affecting exiting Harlow via Gilden Way.

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2 Responses to "Church Langley resident’s traffic survey reveals misery caused by gridlock"

  1. MickyB77   January 8, 2019 at 2:07 pm

    Wait until the ridiculous junction,7a, gets up and running. The whole area will be a nightmare.

  2. D.p.l   January 10, 2019 at 11:41 am

    The residents of Church Langley say that Church Langley is a village so why not let them have their own junction onto and off of the M11.
    Regarding roundabout in Harlow, all of them.should have yellow boxes and cameras on them especially the ones that are base in the town from the train station up to the leisure zone.

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