Gilden Way: Harlow Council set to decide on planning bid for extra 143 homes

A PLANNING application for an extra 143 homes on a Gilden Way development is set to come before the Harlow Council planning committee.

The application is looking for approval for: “Residential Development Comprising the Erection of 592 Dwellings with Associated Access Roads, Play Areas, Open Space, Landscaping and Drainage Infrastructure as Part of the Wider Development of Land North of Gilden Way, Replacing Approved Development of 449 Dwellings.

The initial “outline” application was granted permission for 1100 homes.

Objections have been received from 35 different properties, including one from outside of the District. The concerns received can be summarised as follows:

Overdevelopment of the site
Poor design
Increased traffic
Increased noise
Loss of visual amenity
Loss of green space
Disruption during construction  Strain on infrastructure
Loss of Green Belt land

The meeting is set for Wednesday January 16th at the Civic Offices, The Water Gardens

Full details of the application can be found here.

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2 Responses to "Gilden Way: Harlow Council set to decide on planning bid for extra 143 homes"

  1. MickyB77   January 9, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    My word, the greedy developers have really determined to squeeze every pound they can, out of the abomination, Gilden Park.
    I thought that Mulberry Green and Churchgate Street had already had enough to contend with, but it appears that more chaos will ensue.
    It’s obvious, that anybody who knows this are can say without any fear of contradiction, that traffic through the area is already relentless, and causing problems.

    When the dreaded 7a junction comes in, the whole area will be gridlocked, and, the only escape will be to dodge through Churchgate Street, to the detriment of local roads and properties and bringing in extra pollution.
    Already, when incidents occur around the A414 at junction 7, traffic cuts back to Foster Street and down to Churchgate Street causing gridlock in the village, even worse when the two school runs are taking place.
    Where’s our caring council now ? They never listened to the locals, a disgrace.
    And, there are other plans on file for yet more land around this area to be developed.
    Let’s not forget the poor residents of Church Langley who are already boxed in because of the inept planning regarding vehicle movements, and they’re building more in the area.

  2. D.p.l   January 10, 2019 at 11:45 am

    The only houses that should be built here in Harlow, should be social houses for the 4000 plus residents who are on
    The waiting list and have been for years.

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