Man jailed for six years after attempting to rape vulnerable woman in town centre

A MAN has been jailed for six years for attempting to rape a vulnerable woman.

Ebbs Artez, 25, came across the victim when he saw her alone outside a bar in Post Office Walk, Harlow, in the early hours of May 19.

He led her through the town centre and attempted to rape her in the car park of The Water Gardens.

Artez, of Milwards, Harlow, was quickly identified and arrested.

He denied a charge of attempted rape and stood trial at Chelmsford Crown Court on November 12.

He was found guilty by a jury on Thursday, November 22 and jailed for six years on Friday, January 11.

He was also put on the Sex Offender Register indefinitely.

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One Response to "Man jailed for six years after attempting to rape vulnerable woman in town centre"

  1. MickyB77   January 16, 2019 at 5:42 am

    Figures just released by the Welsh parliament, show that Black and Asian males are the highest represented group in prisons.
    The figures are worse than were expected, and they are now the highest
    percentages in Europe.
    So much for integration and immigration being a benefit for the UK.

    Reading YH, I notice that these ethnic groups appear to dominate the
    head-lines when it comes to violence, and drug related crime.
    Couple this, with the recent arrests and charges of grooming and rape, against
    a huge group of Asian men against young white girls, yet again in Yorkshire, some as young as eleven, I wonder what is going to become of our beautiful land ?

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