Harlow Council sets record straight over £2.5 million payment to off-shore company in Guernsey

HARLOW Council’s leader has set the record straight over their £2.5 million payment to a company based in Guernsey.

Councillor Mark Ingall was responding to questions from the deputy leader of the Harlow Conservatives.

Deputy leader, Cllr Joel Charles, firstly asked the council why it did not have an “off-shore tax-haven policy”.

He then further asked why the council did not insert a legally binding clause in the contract re off-shore status.

You can see cllr Ingall’s responses below.

YH has discovered that neither the council leader at the time (Jon Clempner) nor the portfolio holder for regeneration, cllr Tony Durcan knew about the payment.

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One Response to "Harlow Council sets record straight over £2.5 million payment to off-shore company in Guernsey"

  1. durcant   February 11, 2019 at 11:41 am

    Thank you for the quote which might be a tab misleading.
    The cabinet/council made the decision to award this amount quoted to the company.
    The money was to secure the completion of the buying of the site
    This was a critical part of the application for EZ status.
    As part of the cabinet I strongly recommend this as it was an ideal opportunity to bring jobs into Harlow.
    The real question was at the time did I know that the company in question had its trading address in Guernsey and the answer was NO.
    If I had know would it make any difference and to be honest my answer would have been the same.
    This decision was good for Harlow then and several years on you can witness yourselves what a huge success this partnership has been and is still growing.
    The next challenge is the Templefield part of the plan.
    So we knew about the payment as this is in the recorded minutes.
    What we didn’t know is that the company address was off shore.
    Hope this helps.
    Many thanks.

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