Athletics: Busy weekend in the park for Harlow runners

IT WAS another busy week for the Harlow Running Club athletes. As you can see, there doesn’t appear to have been a parkrun in the area without a Harlow runner giving of their best in a blue vest.

On Saturday morning at Harlow Park Run Martin Westley 1st of 46 HRC Members finished in 1st place overall out of 267 finishers in a superb 18.12. He was followed home by Danny McCree in 2nd place in 18.35. Colin Baker 5th in 19.57, Ryan Smith 6th in 20.38, Andy Kitson 7th in 20.52, Andy Terrell 8th in 20.55, Jamie Jephcott 12th in 21.41, Martyn Coulter 15th in 22.11, Leanne Bennett 18th in 22.34 (PB), John Bull 24th in 22.53, Lee Webber 25th in 23.00, Steve Cowlin 32nd in 23.35 (PB), Matthew Austin 40th in 24.22, Richard Fryer 45th in 24.30, Chris McCarthy 46th in 24.31, Paul Dixon 48th in 24.33, Catherine Ridge 52nd in 24.39, Louise Cootes 59th in 25.10, Jim Bates 60th in 25.11, Terry Ridge 63rd in 25.30, Kelly Grey 67th in 25.47, Laura Prime 71st in 25.57, Rob Scott 72nd in 25.58, Louise Kedge 90th in 26.28, Wendy Schroder 92nd in 26.36, Robin Lozeau 95th in 26.44, Graham Saville 98th in 26.53, Spencer Brooks 99th in 26.54, Hossein Erfani 134th in 29.35, Teresa Stickland 143rd in 30.17, Lindsey Pearson 150th in 31.01, Liz Roberts 151st in 31.02, Alison Bull 152nd in 31.02, Michael Robey 154th in 31.03, Debbie Cooper 156th in 31.11, Brenda Clayton 177th in 32.24, Tracie Cook 178th in 32.25, Jeff Mace 186th in 33.13, Peter Mills 187th in 33.17, Joanne Mills 192nd in 34.07, Marc Witham 207th in 35.04, Anna Robey 211th in 35.58, Sharon Brooks 214th in 36.14, Francesca Tye 228th in 38.30, Jennie Gould 264th in 51.08 (PB), Andy Kinney 267th in 56.45

At the Hackney Marshes parkrun Paul Schroder finished 40th place out of 358 in an impressive 19.37 (PB) while Hazel Kurz came 250th in 27.37.

At the Newcastle parkrun Owen Haigh finished 538th out of 837 in 28.34.

At the Westmill parkrun Sean Flynn finished 10th out of 74 followed by Holly Davis 16th in 25.45.

At the Eden Project parkrun Kate Babb finished 123 out of 260 in 28.30.

At the Barnstaple parkrun Vincent Martin finished 69th out of 181 in 26.02 (PB), Pauline Weirich 171st in 37.00 (PB), Yasmin Gregory 176th in 41.24.

At the Gunpowder parkrun Jon Waight finished 14th out of 218 in 20.55.

At the Wormwood Scrubs parkrun Alan Wellbelove came 83rd out of 130 in 29.34.

At the Great Notley parkrun Helen Brunton came 236th out of 281 in 36.20.

At the Panshanger parkrun Alan Cootes came 98th out of 378 in 24.49.

At the Castle Park parkrun Jason Haigh came 10th out of 363 in 19.44 and Celia Haigh 233rd in 29.54.

At the Great Dunmow parkrun Martin Elven came 15th out of 92 in 23.59.

At the Run Through Lee Valley Velo Park 10k Hazel Kurz finished 86th out of 142 finishers in 57.36 (Debut)

24th February

At the Multi-terrain half marathon Sean Flynn finished 158th out of 372 in 1.52.16

Meanwhile at the Thorpe & Egham Half Marathon Leigh Brown finished 502nd out of 852 in 1.59.19

At the Capital Tri Gotri77 (Sprint Duathlon), Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Andy Smith finished 10th out of 28 in 1.02.09

At the Thetford Trails Race 3 Paula Reynolds finished 35th out of 440 finishers in 45.42.2

17th February

At the Winter Poppyline 51 Mile Ultra Marathon in North Norfolk Darren Coates finished 8th out of 202 in 9.52 and Sean Flynn 163rd in 16.56.

16th February

At Harlow parkrun Matthew Austin came 27th out of 301 finishers at 23.1 8

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