Athletics: Great turnout for Harlow Running Club at Vitality Big Half

HARLOW Running Club had 29 runners at the second edition of the Vitality Big Half, London’s community half marathon. The race starts by Tower Bridge and finishes at the iconic Cutty Sark and was won for the second time by Britain’s Sir Mo Farah. First home for Harlow was Martin Westley in 300th place out of 13,353 finishers in an excellent PB time of 1hr 18min 46sec. He was followed by Rich Hynes 315th in 1.19.06(PB), Andy Kitson 888th in 1.27.36, Josh Shelton 1138th in 1.29.48(PB), Ryan Smith 1428th in 1.32.40(PB), Leanne Bennett 2583rd in 1.40.54(PB), Natalie Pennells 3662nd in 1.46.31, Kerry Mavris 3734th in 1.46.55, Bobby Draper 4316th in 1.49.42(PB), Jon Wickings 4770th in 1.51.41(PB), Leigh Brown 4979th in 1.52.34(PB), Debbie Smith 6280th in 1.58.25, Lisa Gibson 6609th in 1.59.39, Robin Lozeau 6941st in 2.01.06, Jane Evans 7502nd in 2.03.52, Louise Peacock 8208th in 2.07.31(PB), Hazel Kurz 8270th in 2.07.44, Celia Haigh 8451st in 2.08.40, Emily Clibbens 9049th in 2.11.48(PB), Tracie Cook 9350th in 2.13.39, Teresa Stickland 9358th in 2.13.41, Liz Roberts 9801st in 2.16.45(PB), Ayshea Pite 10,246th in 2.19.46, Emma Stead 10,248th in 2.19.46(PB), Karen Moir 10,288 in 2.20.06, Helen Barnes-Martin 10,351st in 2.20.31, Dean Bull 10,761st in 2.23.59, Lindsey Pearson 11,465th in 2.30.28 and Nadeem Ghani 11,736th in 2.33.50.

Meanwhile at the Hillendon 20 Mile race blind runner Paul Watts and his guide Dave Goosetree finished in 322nd and 323rd places respectfully out of 337 finishers in 3.41.45.

At the Bedford Autodrome Sprint Duathlon (5km run, 20km bike, 2.5km run) Vicky Steadman finished in 174th place out of 248 finishers in 1.20.36.

At Harlow parkrun Craig Segal was 1st finisher out of 223 finishers in 19.05. He was followed home by Danny McCree 2nd in 19.53, Alan Broughton 6th in 21.10, Jon Waight 7th in 22.04, Jamie Jephcott 8th in 22.05, Andy Terrell 12th in 22.33, Martin Westley 14th in 22.34, Mathew Austin 20th in 23.12, John Bull 21st in 23.17, Francesca Tye 24th in 23.24, Catherine Ridge 31st in 24.24, Graham Saville 32nd in 24.26, Richard Fryer 33rd in 24.28, Robert Scott 34th in 24.30, Alan Cootes 35th in 24.32, Holly Davis 42nd in 25.25, Jim Bates 48th in 25.44, Andrew Smith 56th in 26.12, Peter Ayling 66th in 26.49, Tracy Stratford 68th in 26.54, Spencer Brooks 79th in 28.12, Steve Warren 80th in 28.14, Paula Miles 94th in 29.27(PB), Kerry Mavris 98th in 29.36, Hossein Erfani 112th in 30.22, Debbie Cooper 129th in 31.33, Peter Mills 134th in 32.07, Helen Burrell 140th in 32.46(PB), Melanie Harris 168th in 36.26, Martin Elven 177th in 37.14, Sharon Brooks 184th in 37.55, Nicola Wix 215th in 48.20(PB), Sara Coombe 216th in 50.16 and Teresa Stickland 217th in 50.17.

At Victoria Dock parkrun Martyn Coulter finished in 9th place out of 148 finishers in 19.18 and Louise Cootes was 81st in 25.47.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Sharon Wright finished in 21st place out of 357 finishers in 19.24(PB), a new Club Female Vet 35 record. Also running were Darren Rautenbach 90th in 22.50 and Adrian Fell 104th in 23.23.

At the Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Abbey Paul Schroder finished in 14th place out of 210 finishers in 20.36, Andy Ramage was 24th in 21.31 and Wendy Schroder 62nd in 25.09.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Michael Robey finished in 78th place out of 372nd finishers in 24.27, Terry Pike was 264th in 31.05, Anna Robey 321st in 34.15 and Alan Bore 365th in 41.49, a new Club Vet 75 record.

At Elstree parkrun Kelly Burgess finished in 20th place out of 112 finishers in 25.55(PB).

At Bury St Edmunds parkrun Hazel Kurz finished in 131st place out of 294 finishers in 28.00.

At Portrush parkrun in Northern Ireland Paul Dixon finished in 32nd place out of 146 finishers in 28.00.

At Hoddesdon parkrun Vincent Martin finished in 37th place out of 112 finishers in 28.09 and Paulene Weirich was 98th in 41.58.

At Ware parkrun Martin McColgan finished in 29th place out of 77 finishers in 30.22.

At Evesham parkrun Hannah Wenlock finished in 77th place out of 366 finishers in 30.26.

At Hadleigh parkrun Alan Wellbelove finished in 97th place out of 182 finishers in 32.12 and Andy Kinney was 117th in 35.05.

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