Harlow MP Robert Halfon explains why he voted for PM’s Brexit Deal

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon voted to support the Prime Minister Theresa May’s Withdrawal Deal on Tuesday night.

The deal was defeated by 391 votes to 242.

YH spoke to the MP to ask why he voted to support a Brexit deal he had rejected a few weeks prior as well as asking him how he will vote over the next few days.

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One Response to "Harlow MP Robert Halfon explains why he voted for PM’s Brexit Deal"

  1. TiredofFailedpolitcalnorms   March 13, 2019 at 9:11 pm

    Utter contempt for the entire political class. Labour Corbyn incompetents (Corbyn laughing all the way to the financial ruin of the country just like his mate in Venezuela) , as bad as the Tory imbeciles that took us into this mess in the first place… Get rid of the lot of them. People of Harlow you are on your own.. you have NO political leadership , just small minded self seeking amoeba. Vote independents in the upcoming elections these arrogant people need to be sent a message… People of Harlow need to look out for themselves rather than relying on these utter utter fools…

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