London Marathon 2019: Update as Harlow runners get ready for April’s race

IN FEBRUARY, we reported on a number of Harlow residents who are taking on all 26 miles and 385 yards that is the London Marathon.

With just five weeks left, we asked them a number of questions. How is training going? Any injuries? How is fundraising getting on? Still looking forward to it?

Carly Bown

Carly said: “Training was going well, the last couple of weeks have been a little hit and miss. Just not actually got out running much.

“My longest run has been 17 miles. It was a lovely sunny day and I really enjoyed it. Can’t say I’mlLooking forward to the long runs in this weather though.

“I’ve been suffering with my left achilles. I’ve had some treatment and will continue to until the big day

“Fundraising is going brilliantly. I’m £350 from target and a huge portion of that was donated this weekend so I’m really pleased!

“I can’t wait for marathon day! The buzz, the atmosphere and hopefully lovely weather! Can’t wait”


Kirsty Spooner

Kirsty said: “Training is still going well so far.

I’m up to 18 miles now. I never thought I’d ever be saying that. Biggest problem I seem to be facing is the weather.

I find running in the gym more challenging than outside and of course it’s a little boring.

“I slipped on my bathroom floor a few weeks back, crashed on to my knee and hurt my back but I have a very good friend Tracy Jewers who’s a sports physio, so she checked me out asap and all was ‘fine’

“On the day of your last post my funding went up by approx £300 so, thank you very much.

“Fundraising is going well. I have a Ladies Night at Burnt Mill Snooker & Social Club on Friday 12th April 8pm for £10 per ticket – available from myself or the club direct & as long as those tickets sell – then I would have hit my target 🤞🏻

“I am still looking forward to Marathon day but will be pleased to get my weekends back after too.

“I will continue to run but not quite the same distance & definitely just for pleasure”.


Nicola Stripp

Nicola said: “Training is going really well. I’m keeping up with my training plan and have now done 2 x 15 mile runs (my longest so far). Next week it goes up to 17.5 miles, and I have a 20 mile run booked for the end of the month before starting to taper in April.

“I’m really enjoying the training and can’t wait for the big day.

Fundraising is going well. I still have a little way to go, but hope to reach my target soon.

“The more funds I can raise for Ability Bow, the better”.


Samantha Edwards

Sam said: “All is going well thank you. Our longest run so far is 14 miles. We have a 16 mile run planned for this Saturday.

I had a few blisters that kept getting worse, so I went to a running shop and have a new pair of trainers now. So far, so good!

Fundraising is going well- Georgina (Heath) and I held a party at the weekend and raised just short of £2000 which we shared between our charities. It was an incredibly amount and everyone was very generous.

The nerves are kicking in now. I’m really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed I’ll make it over the finish line and receive a medal.


Georgie Heath

Georgie said: Training is going well, however I’ve been suffering some pain to the knee which has prevented me from doing my best!

Our longest run so far has been 14 miles, 16 this weekend!

We held a fundraising party at the weekend and raised nearly £2000 by selling raffle tickets which was incredible!

Really looking forward to the marathon day, hoping the crowds and adrenaline will get me through!


Sophie Vowden

Sophie said: “Training is going well! We have six weeks to go. I am running three times per week, two short runs and one long run every Sunday and training Crossfit twice a week.

I am working up to 20 miles for my longest run and have 2 of these in my schedule, plus 16, 12, 10 miles.

“I am a Sports Therapist so I am very lucky in the sense I can try and help myself as much as possible. I am seeing my colleagues weekly for a maintenance sports massage to ease tired and achy legs. I injured my knee when I was 14 years old in 2001 and have been left with permanent knee damage, even after surgery. This was the entire reason I studied BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy Degree at the University of Hertfordshire in 2006.

“At present, the knee and the nerve around the knee in particular is giving me some grief but I am managing it.

“I am raising vital funds for our local St Clare Hospice and have pledged to raise £2,000. I am currently at £513. I have organised a FANTASTIC quiz night on 24th March at Harlow Rugby Club from 1800, open to everyone, so please do get in touch and come along £10 per person, 100% donations go straight to St Clare Hospice.

Still looking forward to the big day?

What a silly question! Of course I am! It’s the best marathon in the world and I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to be part of it! My business SV Sports Therapy is an official London Marathon sports injury clinic, the only clinic is Essex for the sixth consecutive year, thus I am very drawn to the London Marathon and support every year standing at Mile 25 to cheer our clients on. This will be the first time I will be the runner! We have a lot of clients whom we care about running on the day too. Let’s hope it’s not a heat wave like 2018!

Please do get in touch and book your Big Quiz Night ticket on 24th March, it would be lovely to have you there.

If you have any spare change and St Clare Hospice is close to your heart please kindly donate

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