Ward By Ward: Old Harlow

LAST year, Conservative candidate Joel Charles won this ward by a thumping 717 votes. It hasn’t always been that comfortable for the Tories. Back in 2016, they won by just 225 votes. That’s still pretty comfortable.

The Tories biggest obstacle might well be apathy and/or contempt as people might be totally fed up with politics due to Brexit.

Voting patterns may be pretty consistent but this is a changing area. Gilden Way, Newhall, Mulberry Green to name just three. There are social issues such as disorder on Market Street and The Oasis Hotel but although many residents/voters may be critical of the Conservatives at a number of levels, that probably isn’t enough for them to change their voting pattern.

Sue Livings will no doubt continue to do a reliable job for the Harlow Conservatives and is one of those councillors that operates under the radar but I probably known by nearly every group in the area.

The Labour candidate Andy Thornton should be using the 2016 mark of 650 votes as a target but that might be a stretch instead you may look at percentage.

We spoke to Andy in Churchgate Street about this campaign and why voting is important.

The Harlow Alliance candidate should really be working the ward, making reference to the building developments in the area and seeing if he can get uppitiest to 200 votes.

Old Harlow

Sue Livings (Cons)
Harry Mason (Harlow Alliance Party)
Andy Thornton (Lab)

YH Prediction: Cons Hold

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  1. carra   April 12, 2019 at 9:28 am

    “Under the radar” LOL.

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