Harlow Theatre Company brings Rome to Old Harlow

Harlow Theatre Company brings Rome to Old Harlow

HARLOW Theatre Company are preparing to bring Rome to the Victoria Hall Theatre in Old Harlow with their first production of the 2019 season, Vice Versa written by Phil Porter.

‘Lovingly ripped off’ from the Roman comedies of Plautus, Vice Versa sees a cunning servant and a pair of wronged lovers team up to escape the clutches of the pompous and arrogant General Maximus Braggadocio. Dodgy disguises, comic capers and a mischievous monkey create pandemonium as the tricksters try to save the girl, free the servant and live to tell the tale!

Director Jane Miles said of the production: “Vice Versa is one of the funniest plays I have ever read. A friend saw Vice Versa performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in the Swan Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon in 2016. He immediately bought a copy of the play and gave it to me as a gift with a message that said –‘you will want to direct this!’. He was right. Vice Versa is a hilarious rip-off of an old Roman comedy but with a wonderful modern twist – and I couldn’t wait to start work on it.

Phil Porter has brilliantly written a story of star-crossed lovers, a General with a penchant for the ladies who fails in all attempts, an old fun-loving magistrate, a canny slave who befuddles and bamboozles all around her and a dim-witted slave who desperately tries to prove he saw what he saw! What did he see? Come and find out!

Think ‘Carry On’, ‘Up Pompeii’ and ‘Blackadder’ all mixed together and set in the suburbs of Ancient Rome. The cast of fourteen have thrown themselves into rehearsals, which have proven to be hard work but great fun. It is a fast-paced comedy riot with some hilarious songs thrown in too.”

So head to the Victoria Hall Theatre this May and meet General Braggadocio, Voluptua and her lover Valentin, Feclus the dim-witted slave, Omnivorus (who will do anything for an olive), and Dexter, the wily slave who sets up some comic capers to free the girl and con the General. Oh… and we mustn’t forget Terence the talking monkey!

Vice Versa promises to be a side-splitting romp. Don’t miss out on an evening’s entertainment that will send you home wiping the tears from your eyes!

Vice Versa is running from 1st-4th May at the Victoria Hall Theatre, Old Harlow. Tickets £13/£10 concessions, available at https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/harlowtheatrecompany/ or by calling 0333 666 3366.

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