Ward by Ward: Bush Fair: Is it dunne and dusted?

THIS ward has been represented by a number of different parties over the years. Liberal Democrat, Ukip and Labour. It now looks pretty sold Labour again.

Conservative candidate, Andreea Hardware has had a couple of attempts and gone close. In May 2018, she lost by 99 and in November she lost by just 83.

Of course, things have changed a wee bit since then and you do wonder if Conservative candidates may suffer from Brexit-itis as many are predicting. Having said that, there may be a number of reasons why Labour might suffer as well.

This is a busy ward with a whole host of challenges and issues. From parking (the traffic wardens were out on Tracyes Road on Sunday but that is a different story), trade in Bush Fair, Tye Green libraries, roadworks, crime to name just a few.

Labour’s Jodi Dunne won the seat in November and has been settling in as a new councillor. It its hard taking over from someone such as Ian Beckett, who was and is, so embedded in the community but cllr Dunne needs to be given time.

Ukip continue to be a consideration. They may well get a bounce this year with the Brexit factor. In November, they polled 103 (15%) and would surely like to increase that percentage towards 20%. The candidate is Anita Long.

We think the Labour majority will go back over 100.

YH Prediction: Lab Hold

Name of Candidate
Jodi Dunne Labour
Andreea Hardware Conservative
Anita Long (UKIP)
Christopher Robins Liberal Democrats

November 2018

Bush Fair

Labour: Jodi Dunne: 543 (45.0% +5.6)
Conservative: Andreea Hardware: 460 (38.1% +6.0)
UKIP: Anita Long: 103 8.5% (-15.4)
Harlow Alliance Party: Nicholas Taylor: 63 (5.2% +5.2)
Lib Dem: Lesley Rideout: 39 (3.2% -1.4)


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6 Responses to "Ward by Ward: Bush Fair: Is it dunne and dusted?"

  1. Brett Hawksbee   April 15, 2019 at 9:09 am

    Jodi Dunne has not only been a very active councillor since his election, but one of the most active of all the Labour councillors in Harlow. He is an asset to Harlow Council, and always ready to take up the cause of any Bush Fair residents.

    If there is any justice, Jodi will increase his majority through his own hard work and commitment.

  2. MickyB77   April 15, 2019 at 11:16 am

    Must be a Momentum man then, if B H, the champagne socialist is
    supporting him.
    Labour brings POVERTY.
    Check out the financial mapping of England to see the stricken areas and remember.
    WALES, the socialist republic, is absolutely skint, due to it’s Socialistic
    programme, always looking for a hand-out, just like MIngall and his gang.

    Vote Labour at your PERIL.

  3. ronnieboy1   April 16, 2019 at 9:28 am

    if labour win can we have a revote because the voters dont know what they are voting for?lets face it its what is said about the referendum in 2016 ..whats the differance?

  4. carra   April 17, 2019 at 5:17 am

    Labour have ruined this town. We need a change and fast.

  5. durcant   April 17, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    Carra just in case you had forgotten but excepts for a few years labour have run this town for over 50 years,so not sure when the ruination commenced.
    I suspect you have used the town park,pets corner, Harlow playhouse, paddling pools ,Harlow museum and you may have walked on the safe walkways and perhaps even on the bike tracks. All accessible and free.
    You may have enjoyed the many green areas,ponds,lakes and streams.
    You may have even admired the sculptures throughout the town.
    You may have even picked some of the thousands of flowers planted by the Labour run council.
    Take the negative glasses off and be pleased that we all leave in such a colourful diverse and inclusive community.
    Your Harlow everyone’s Harlow.

  6. D.p.l   April 17, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    I agree with Carra.
    This town has gone done hill very fast since this Labour administrating party gained control of Harlow council,back in 2012 and not to mention it’s them who have increased the council Tax 6 times ever since gaining control of the council in 2012 and still us, the residents of Harlow do not get a decent service.
    Plus they are putting parking restrictions in place,which are good but not the way they have done it.
    They should of created alternative parking before putting the restrictions in place.
    It’s ok for some of the fellow colleagues councillors of Durcant who live in big houses with off street parking and secure gates.
    I’m.all right Jack is their attitude towards the Harlow residents who are not as fortunate as some if his fellow councillors to have off street parking on the front if their properties
    Dan Long UKIP Harlow candidate for Harlow common.

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