Athletics: Improve your running with Parkrun and Beyond

IF you would like to improve your running then Parkrun and Beyond may be the running group for you.

The running group meet every Wednesday at the Mark Hall Sports Centre (7pm to 8.30pm). The sessions often begin with a ten minute talk by coach Adrian Fell. This is followed by a full warm up and then you get on to the track. On Wednesday it was 6 x 800 metres with two minute recovery.

It is for everyone so please don’t think you have to “qualify” but a lot of the runners will testify that it is really improving their running.

The participants are also members of different running clubs as well as individuals who are unattached.

There are also plans for a beginners group.

YH went down to the track to speak to Adrian and watch a session in progress.

Here is the link to the facebook page.

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