Letter to Editor: Crisis in Harlow schools

THE Harlow and Epping Forest National Union of Teachers (NUT) delegation has just returned from the Annual NUT Conference in Cardiff.

Nishall’s Blog: Exam Tips

FOR many it is exam season, and for many revision would have started or will start very soon. Therefore this week’s blog is going to be on exam tips, to prepare yourself. I know how hard GCSE, A-levels and Degree exams can be and how stressed people can get. So if you start your revision off in a positive way, the exam season can be a lot more of an easier journey, with hopefully less stress.

Nishall’s Blog: Love…Actually

THIS week, instead of writing an actual blog, I want to show a talk, which was hosted by Royal Holloway’s Hindu Society. The talk was called ‘Love Actually’.

Blogpost: Religion and Society

Next week I am running in an election to stand on the Committee for Hindu Society at my university, which has inspired me to write a blog about the importance of religion in society today.

Nishall’s Blog: The power of social media..

I know that I have written about how businesses can use social media to do marketing, but as I’m now studying a module in Digital marketing at university, I thought I would re share my knowledge, because after analysing many businesses it still seems like many local business are reluctant to use social media in their marketing strategy.

Blogpost: Reporting crime in Harlow

WE have a page on our sister site called The Hyperlocal Bible. It is series if video blogs made by our editor that, we hope,helps those who are thinking of running on line newspapers.

Nishall’s Blog: Why not volunteer?

MANY people say, why volunteer when you can get paid, I say otherwise. People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Regardless of the motivation, what unites them all is that they find it both challenging and rewarding.

Nishall’s Blog: Harlow’s Social Network

CAN you now imagine a world without your Facebook feed or the latest information from Twitter? Times have changed, and so is the way that the Harlow community at large are using social media sites.

Nishall’s Blog: Declutter your mind

WE all lead busy lives. In today’s world, it’s as if it’s a badge of honour. Always rushing to the next thing. Working late to meet that deadline to please a boss or client. Driving from one place to the other.

Nishall’s Blog: Embracing Culture within Society

Where are you from? What is your background? These are questions regularly asked by those around us to better understand who we are. Our identity is made up of different factors such as our traditions, our values and most importantly our culture.

Letter to Editor: Labour candidate for police boss speaks out on Harlow murder

IT would be wrong for me, while the Police Investigation into Arek’s murder continues, to speculate about the motives behind the deplorable act. However, with another attack on Polish Nationals in Harlow occurring only days later, it is understandable that the Polish community of Harlow are both shaken and deeply saddened by what has happened.

Nishall’s Blog: Don’t be hard on yourself

* You tear down your self-esteem. As you achieve things you tend to tear down your own self-esteem at the same time. So you feel less and less like you deserve success. And frustration and being angry can become more and more common as you fail to reach those very high standards.

Blogpost: Choose the right job and be happy for life.

YES, it is incredibly important to have a job, so you can pay the bills, buy necessary items, and most importantly to enjoy yourself. Many people have a job for the sake of for a long term period, and I say no to this.

Nishall’s Blog: Don’t let the boredom take over!!

OVER the last few day, many schools have broken up for the summer holidays and our wonderful young people will be saying ‘I’m Bored’ quite often. So I decided this week I am going to write a blog about how to keep yourself engaged and prevent yourself from going insane!

Nishall’s Blog: That’s what friends are for…

LAST Sunday I spent the day in London with some of my friends. So therefore, I’ve been thinking about how beautiful a real friendship can be and how important it really is. Friends are extremely important and friendship is major part of our lives, especially for us young adults!

Nishall’s Blog: Get involved with your community

Over the years and whilst being at university, I’ve seen local people and community groups come up with some of the most innovative solutions to local challenges. But I’ve also seen that sometimes they need a little help unlocking their potential. Constituting a community group, finding funding and recruiting volunteers are some of the common challenges when trying to get locally-driven ideas off the ground.

Nishall’s Blog: How Can Business Use Social Media to do Marketing?

BEFORE you begin creating social media marketing campaigns, consider your business’ goals. Starting a social media marketing campaign without a social strategy in mind is like wandering through a forest without a map—you’ll only end up lost.

Nishall’s Blog: Importance of Religion in Society Today

THIS week I am running in an election to stand on the Committee for Hindu Society at my university, which has inspired me to write a blog about the importance of religion in society today.

Nishall’s Blog: An inspirational meeting

ON the way back to university from London on Sunday evening, I met a man called David, he must have been in his eighties. He really taught me something very important about life. What he taught me was that ‘life is too short to not be optimistic.’

Nishall’s Blog: Poetry sometimes says it all….

THIS week’s blog is a poem I found, whilst I was doing some research for my university assignment, and I thought I would share it with you. This poem is so powerful and motivational, I believe once reading it can inspire someone to make a positive difference. We can’t always seek big adventures or experiences in life. In this motivational poem, it’s one little spark that makes a great change.

Blogpost-Happiness is doing says Nishall

Happiness is thought of as the good life, freedom from suffering, flourishing, well-being, joy, prosperity, and pleasure.
Happy people view things differently to unhappy people. They are more positive, more solution focussed. They look at things in terms of gain rather than loss. More importantly, though, they have a distinctly different set of habits. The small things that happy people do, day to day, are subtly different to what unhappy people do.

Blogpost: David Bowie: A New Career in a New Town

IT all started in April 1972. David Bowie was playing at the Harlow Playhouse. The tickets were 25 pence. My brother Gerard went but I was only ten, so I stayed at home.

Nishall’s Blog: Building futures through blogging

ONE of the great things about a blog is the potential for it to reach far and wide. And, this is really great news for people and organizations who like to help others. If one small blog post goes viral or gets picked up by a larger news organization, it can change the entire course for that nonprofit or charity group.

Nishall’s Blog: Home and Away

THIS weekend I came back to Harlow and you actually realise how great Harlow is and what we take for granted.
Harlow is so great it has everything we need. After living in a small Uni town where you can just about get the bare essentials, you can really appreciate what Harlow has to offer to us.


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