Wonderful Christmas event at Bush Fair

By Alfie Baker ON Thursday night, Ian Beckett, Harlow Labour Councillor, along with his colleagues organised the first ever Christmas light up at Bush Fair as a way to bring the close knit community together; the event consisted of late night shopping, dance music, a visit from santa at the toy shop, the Passmores choir […]

Blogpost: Living with Luke: “Would you miss me?”

Readers of these blogs are well aware of my trouble dealing with Tiddles the Silverback when I come into the room or indeed home as he appears to loathe the very sight of me. As an experiment last week, TCMH suggested that instead of saying hello or indeed anything to him when I sees him, to instead just ignore him and wait for him to come to me. Her reasoning being that if you try and get a cat to sit with you, the cat will do the complete opposite and wander away. So, this week I’ve tried exactly that and it has been a success, in that he has totally ignored me, hasn’t said a word to me and generally has had a lovely time…

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