Suzy strives for students to aim higher

FOR me this shows why bringing down tuition fees is so important, so that we remove thatg barrier and give young people the encouragement to go and follow the path their talents take them down. That’s good for them, it is also good for Harlow and ultimately its good for our country as a whole.”

Stewards Academy plays host to spectacular concert

STEWARDS Academy played host to two spectacular concerts featuring City of London Sinfonia, one of the country’s leading professional orchestras, on 12 February 2015. The concerts were part of the ‘First Time Live – Youth’ project led by Orchestras Live, in partnership with Arts Council England, Royal Opera House Bridge, Essex Music Education Hub and Essex County Council.

Russian satire coming to The Harlow Playhouse

Anton Antonovich, a mayor in small-town Russia, is in the midst of a crisis. A government official is on his way to inspect his district and, in Anton’s own words, “this is a disaster!” The streets haven’t been swept for months, there are chickens in the courthouse and Anton himself has been somewhat liberal with the mayoral accounts.