Your chance to enter the Harlow Open

Your chance to enter the Harlow Open

THE Open Exhibition 2018 at the Gibberd Gallery can be entered by any artist who was born, studied, currently resides or is working in the areas mentioned. An application form and conditions of entry can be found by clicking here or can be collected from the Gibberd Gallery.

Artist Mark Pulsford opens exhibition celebration Harlow artist’s work

Artist Mark Pulsford opens exhibition celebration Harlow artist’s work

KENT artist Mark Pulsford opened a fascinating exhibition that celebrates the work of his father Charles Pulsford and Harlow-based artist Harry Anderson. The exhibition celebrated an empathetic connection between two painters who became life long friends. It is a story that started at the stimulating institution of Edinburgh College of Art which became re-known for […]

Art means business at the Gibberd Gallery

2016 marks the 50 year anniversary of Sir Charles Kao and George Hockham (Nobel prize winners) inventing Fibre Optics here in Harlow. We want to celebrate this life changing innovation by hosting an exhibition that captures the essence of past, present and future capabilities of business including leading major companies

Tenth year for the Harlow Open

SECOND prize was awarded to collaborating artists Fiona Bennett and Mike Coombs for their installation entitled ‘On the Line’ with a Bakerlite phone complete with smells and sound. The judges found the investigation of the piece intriguing especially with its interactivity and subject of disappearing red phone boxes.

Jazz as artists see it

A CELEBRATION of Jazz from its African American origins to today’s smooth jazz scene.
Over 10 artists have been commissioned to create themed visual interpretations, which include portraits, abstract art and unique sculptures.

“Lucky calling” for local artist at Gibberd Garden House

LOCAL artist Corrina Dunlea came to Harlow from Derbyshire in the 80’s to be with her partner who then worked at Harlow Playhouse. After moving away to progress her career in London, Manchester and Suffolk she met her husband who happened to come from Harlow! She returned, they had three children and she continued her studies at Harlow College then a degree in Cambridge school of Art.