Snip those stamps and collect coins for St Clare’s hospice

THOSE little stamps on the corner of all your letters can still bring in hundreds of pounds for St Clare Hospice, which has joined a specialist company to help us manage donations. And if you still have old foreign currency – Spanish pesetas, German Deutsche Mark, or Italian lire at the back of your sock drawer – we’ll take them too. And who hasn’t got random keys in their kitchen drawer that don’t appear to lock anything?

Greenway Centre backs apprenticeship scheme

YH will be going down to interview the manager of the Greenway Centre, Lorraine King in Harlow soon. In the meantime, here is a blog piece taken from the in which Lorraine extols the virtues of the apprenticeship system. “ “As the Centre Manager at The Greenway Centre based in Harlow, I was pleased […]

Why Labour Councillor Jon Clempner is ‘Proud of Harlow’

JON said: “I’ve always been politically aware and I’ve always been involved in my local community wherever that may have been. I suppose for me it was about getting involved in my local community really, it’s as simple as that. That coupled with the general election in 2010 and getting increasingly angry with what the government were doing, basically it was just time to get off my backside and do something about it.”

Harlow leader urges Kier and unions to talk

THE Leader of Harlow Council is urging Kier Harlow Limited to hold urgent talks with local trade unions to stop potential strike action over a change to monthly pay dates. Councillor Mark Wilkinson has written to Kier Harlow after the Kier Group decided that it will change pay dates from the 15th of the month to 28th.

Diabetes roadshow in town centre proves a success

118 people in Harlow were referred to their doctor by a Healthy Lifestyle Roadshow having been identified as being at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, say Diabetes UK and Bupa. The charity offered free diabetes risk assessment tests to 232 people to identify their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes now and in the next 10 years. 118 people were referred to their GP for further advice, as their risk of diabetes was moderate to high.

Halfon slams Tesco’s as Labour question employment practices

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon says Tesco’s new motto appears to be: “Pile the money high, sell the workers cheap”.The Harlow MP made the comments as part of the controversy stirred up by Labour’ shadow immigration minister, Chris Bryant, who, in a keynote speech, has slammed Tesco’s for their alleged employment policy in respect to “foreign workers”

Harlow becomes a ‘Pioneering Place’ for Early Intervention

THE EARLY Intervention Foundation (EIF) today announced that Harlow and Essex has been chosen as one of 20 Early Intervention ‘Pioneering Places’. The successful bid from Essex County Council and its partners will see Clinical Commissioning Groups, Police, the Police Crime Commissioner’s Office, District Councils, Public Health, Education and the Voluntary and Community sector, working together to provide real life, practical solutions to Early Intervention.

MP backs apprenticeship academy

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon is supporting the new McKenzie Arnold Apprenticeship Academy. Based in Braintree, McKenzie Arnold is one of the UK’s leading event security providers having delivered more than 1,500 stewards/security officers at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Controversial preacher hits the streets of Harlow

A CONTROVERSIAL Australian evangelical preacher hit the streets of Harlow on Thursday afternoon.

Josh Williamson and his team took to the streets of the Broad Walk to preach his brand of religion. Josh describes himself as a “Reformed Baptist Pastor & Evangelist adhering to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith”.

Crossrail could benefit Harlow economy says council

CROSSRAIL 2 would create a new high-frequency rail line running between south west and north east London. ECC recognises the potential that this scheme has to provide significant economic benefit to communities in West Essex, supporting its own ambitious growth and regeneration plans for Harlow, as well as providing vital support to increasingly ambitious Stansted Airport.

“Listening council” as Harlow confirms it will not abolish first hour free parking.

Councillor Tony Durcan, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Resources & Enterprise, said: “When the Council made the announcement in January we held off introducing the charge until 1 September 2013. This is because we recognised that removing free parking would have some impact on both residents and businesses. This was part of the tough financial choices we needed to take this year due to reductions in grants the Council receives from the Government.”

Planning Round Up

OUR sister paper Your Thurrock has always always liked to keep abreast of planning matters. In many ways, they reflect the changing nature and fabric of our community. Our intentions is to do the same in Your Harlow, so here it is our first planning round up.

Parties announce candidates for European elections

LABOUR AND CONSERVATIVES have unveiled their candidates to fight the 2014 European Elections in the East of England. Labour;s Harriet Harman MP said: “I am proud that such strong, committed and inspiring people have been picked by ordinary Labour Party members to be their MEP candidates in the East of England. “Like the people they […]

Planning bid for YWCA site

A BID to build 42 sites on the land formerly occupied by the YWCA hostel has been submitted to Harlow Council. The details are as follows: Applicant Name & Address: South Anglia Housing, Number One Building The Causeway Bishop’s Stortford CM23 2ER

UKIP on the march in Harlow

THE NUMBER one issue on the doorstep in Harlow was immigration. Many believe that it is UKIP who have led a “mature and reasoned” debate on the issues.
May was a real watershed month for UKIP in Essex with a number of county councillors elected.

Trades Union motion calls for Suzy Stride to resign

Further, we are disgusted by Suzy’s lack of support for our campaigns on black-listing, parasitical banks and the bedroom tax. Moreover, we are deeply concerned that we have received far more support from Conservative MP Robert Halfon on the issues of trade union facility time and job losses at Comet and Tesco than we have from Suzy.

Kier Harlow achieve a million accident free hours

KIER Harlow has achieved an impressive one million accident free man-hours as part of its ongoing zero AIR (accident incident rate) initiative, designed to send every operative home safely at the end of each working day. The company has a long-standing focus on health & safety and strives for the safest working environments for all […]

Harlow Council: “Gone in five years?”

THAT WAS the question posed by the leader of the Harlow Conservatives, Andrew Johnson at a full council meeting in Harlow last night. The Church Langley councillor made the comment as council’s all across the country share services more and more.

Mystery of Harlow’s new school

A NEW HARLOW school with over 200 places is set to be built. But Essex County Council won’t reveal any details regarding where the school is, what the name of the school is, what type of school it is or anything else.