Chaos erupts at Harlow Council meeting over Bedroom Tax

THERE WAS chaos in the chamber as protestors disrupted a meeting of Harlow Council on Thursday night. The demonstrators were there to protest against the Bedroom Tax. During a discussion on the Bedroom Tax, Harlow Council leader, cllr Mark Wilkinson told the chamber that the council was ‘100% opposed’ to it.

The system in Harlow is failing victims of domestic violence

SUZY Stride, the Labour candidate in Harlow, has claimed fewer offenders are being prosecuted because of police cuts. New figures, published in the House of Commons, reveal that the number of cases of domestic violence being handed to the CPS in England has fallen by 13% since 2010 reversing the trend of previous years.

Halfon secures “Free school meals” debate

SEVENTY-five MPs back Harlow MP Robert Halfon’s debate on free ‘school meals’ for Further Education students. Over the past year, Harlow MP Robert Halfon has been campaigning for disadvantaged Harlow College students to receive free school meals.

Council Leader Dispels Migrant Myths

FIGURES released by Oxford University this week have found that one in 10 residents of Harlow is a foreign national. Mark Wilkinson, Leader of Harlow Council, was keen to dispel any myths surrounding this figure and its impact on the town.

Blog: Perry Williams on Young People

YOUNG people are really bearing the brunt at the moment, don’t you think? As a recent graduate I surely am feeling the effects of living within “Broken Britain” and there are many young teens living within Harlow who I know for a fact that are having a hard time of it all.

An American Vision for Harlow Labour Party

The man described as Obama’s mentor throughout his campaign for presidency in America, Arnie Graf, has made a third visit to Harlow. Graf was brought in by Ed Milliband shake up to Labour’s grassroots campaigning leading up to the next general election.

Police Crime Commissioner Spending Revealed

ESSEX police and crime commissioner Nick Alston spent more than £36,000 in the four weeks leading up to last November’s election. Mr Alston, who won the seat for the Conservative Party, spent three times as much as second-placed Independent candidate Mick Thwaites, who spent £12,185. Labour candidate Val Morris-Cook spent £4,475, Ukip candidate Andrew Smith […]

Council seek views on council tax support

HARLOW Council is asking residents for their views on Council Tax Support.

Over the next six weeks residents are invited to comment on proposals and express their views about allocating future Council Tax support. Funding from Government for Council Tax Support reduced this year and, from 1 April 2013, the Council adopted a means-tested Local Council Tax Support Scheme to replace Council Tax Benefit.

Kier strike “called off”

YH understands that the proposed strike by employees of council contractor Kier Harlow has been called off. The strike was to be organised by the Union of Construction and Allied Trades and Technicians (UCATT) but it looks now as if the dispute over plans to change the pay date of workers has been settled.

Halfon on Syria: Parliament has spoken…

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has given his reaction to the government defeat over the vote to decide whether Britain would be involved militarily in Syria. Robert Halfon MP said “Parliament has spoken and the Prime Minister has said that there will be no British military involvement in Syria.

Bedroom Tax petition delivered to council

MEMBERS of Harlow TUC and Harlow Benefits Justice delivered a petition containing 943 signatures to Harlow Council opposing the ‘bedroom tax’, a Coalition ‘reform’ which cuts housing benefit by between 14% and 25%.The petition calls on the council to suspend court action and not to evict anyone falling into arrears as a result of extra rent payments arising from under-occupancy.

FILM: Arson at Harlow Islamic Centre: Halfon slams “Scum of the earth”

HARLOW MP made his thoughts very plain when he described the perpetrators of the suspected arson attack on the Harlow Islamic Centre as “scum of the earth.” The press conference at centre in Paringdon Road took place with the charred remains of a side door as a backdrop. Chief Insp Ed Wells was joined by the director of the centre, Mr AJ Hussain as well as Harlow MP, Robert Halfon.

Attempt to burn down Harlow Islamic Centre

POLICE in Harlow are investigating possible attempts overnight to set fire to the Harlow Islamic Centre in Paringdon Road, Harlow, which we believe happened between 10.30pm on Sunday and 4am this morning. Chief Insp Ed Wells said: “Detectives are investigating this concerning incident and there will be a significant police presence throughout the day to reassure all local residents as we seek to identify those responsible. We are working closely with the Islamic Centre leaders, thankfully the damage is such that it is unlikely to disrupt any scheduled prayer times”

Councillor wants to see closer links between Harlow and Europe

HARLOW has an opportunity to have a say in Europe, not only as a town of 80,000 people, not only as a town ear-marked as an enterprise zone but also through a series of partnerships. YH sat down with councillor Tony Durcan as he explained to us what this meant, the history of the town’s relationship with Europe and what it might mean for the future.

Harlow to be boosted by Essex apprenticeships scheme

ESSEX County Council has welcomed new government research showing businesses and young people value Apprenticeships and the positive results they deliver. The research from BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) shows that across the country, 84% of businesses and 88% of young people are satisfied with apprenticeships. The majority of businesses said Apprenticeships improved their productivity or service quality and the majority of Apprentices saw their abilities and career prospects improve through the schemes

Nationals get their claws into Suzy Stride row

FORMAN’S behaviour is “unmeasured and vicious”, Ms Formby said, adding: “You echo the right-wing tabloid agenda by referring to ‘union apparatchiks’ being parachuted into seats. I’m not sure whether this is a veiled reference to Falkirk in particular or more generally to the fact that we have endorsed some full-time union officials but either way in making comments like this you are colluding in attacks from the Right.”

Kier workers vote to go on strike

WORKERS at council contractor Kier Services have voted to strike over plans to change their pay date. Members of construction union UCATT voted by almost three to one in favour of strike action. Kier provides maintenance and repairs for Harlow Council.