Trades Union motion calls for Suzy Stride to resign

Further, we are disgusted by Suzy’s lack of support for our campaigns on black-listing, parasitical banks and the bedroom tax. Moreover, we are deeply concerned that we have received far more support from Conservative MP Robert Halfon on the issues of trade union facility time and job losses at Comet and Tesco than we have from Suzy.

Kier Harlow achieve a million accident free hours

KIER Harlow has achieved an impressive one million accident free man-hours as part of its ongoing zero AIR (accident incident rate) initiative, designed to send every operative home safely at the end of each working day. The company has a long-standing focus on health & safety and strives for the safest working environments for all […]

Harlow Council: “Gone in five years?”

THAT WAS the question posed by the leader of the Harlow Conservatives, Andrew Johnson at a full council meeting in Harlow last night. The Church Langley councillor made the comment as council’s all across the country share services more and more.

Mystery of Harlow’s new school

A NEW HARLOW school with over 200 places is set to be built. But Essex County Council won’t reveal any details regarding where the school is, what the name of the school is, what type of school it is or anything else.

Damning report on Partridge Care Centre

A GOVERNMENT WATCHDOG has published a damning report on a care centre in Harlow. The Partridge Care Centre in Partridge Road, Harlow was inspected after concerns that one or more of the essential standards of quality and safety were not being met.

Labour candidate claims delight over parking

SUZY Stride, Labour’s General Election candidate for Harlow, has been speaking to residents in Harlow and hearing their concerns about rising car parking fees. She raised these concerns with Mark Wilkinson and others. The Council have now decided not to introduce the 20p for the first hour of parking because of residents concerns.

UKIP slam Labour candidate’s union links

A HARLOW UKIP activist has slammed the links that Harlow Labour candidate, Suzy Stride has with the unions. In her leaflets, the parliamentary candidate, Suzy Stride, tells prospective voters that: “I am proud to have the official endorsement of my union. I would stand up for local workers who feel threatened by employers like Tesco.

Tories call for Labour to listen over parking charges

The move to abolish free parking will also affect the poorest in the community. Cllr Perrin says “Anyone wishing to visit their local GP will also be affected. Labour is propping up council finances off the back of some of the poorest people in the community. Labour has not consulted on this issue. Nearly 800 people have signed my petition on calling for Labour to stop this ridiculous decision from coming into effect. Labour must listen.”

Robert Halfon: Committed to the people of Harlow

BEFORE WE started, although YourHarlow only started on July 1st, 2013, our sister paper, first interviewed Robert Halfon in April 2013. Managing editor of both papers, Michael Casey drove past Robert on the A414 near Hastingwood after another day on the General Election campaign trail.

Cash boost for Home-Start Harlow

ESSEX County Council has announced a new round of grants being awarded under the Family Innovation Fund 2. Nineteen grants, totalling £409,235 have been awarded to 13 voluntary and community sector organisations working across Essex. Funding is for the year from August 2013 to the end of July 2014.

Mass exodus of staff from Mark Hall after another woeful Ofsted

OVER FIFTEEN members of staff are set to leave Mark Hall as the school year draws to a close on Friday.
The school have ended the year with another woeful report from Ofsted that leaves them still in special measures. But the school, under new ownership through the Academy Transformation Trust, will start the new academic year in September, hoping to literally transform itself.

“Shocking” Ofsted for Chill Out Kids Club at Fawbert and Barnard

BOSS of Chill Out Kids slams Ofsted report that claims her after school club is “inadequate” as “unfounded”. Among the criticisms are that; “The owner has failed to ensure that the areas used by children are safe and secure. Staff do not keep a record of all accidents and injuries to children in their care. In addition parents are not consistently informed if their child has had an accident. This does not protect the well-being and safety of children.”

Suzie gets into her stride in Harlow

LABOUR parliamentary candidate, Suzie Stride was one of the first candidates selected back in 2011. Since then, Suzie has been a constant presence in the town as she campaigns to win the seat back from Robert Halfon in 2015. Your Harlow sat down with Suzie in the grounds of the Water Gardens to discuss what she sees as the main issues in Harlow.

Halfon tables question in Commons over Maypole closure

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon rose on the floor of the House of Commons to ask a question in relation to the sudden closure of the Maypole Club. Mr Halfon asked the Leader of the House, Andrew Lansley MP if he had seen my Commons Motion on the unfortunate over-night closure of the Maypole Club in Harlow, and if he will call for an urgent debate on small community clubs.

Halfon saddened and angered by closure of Maypole Club

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has told YH he is “shocked and angered by the closure of the Maypole Club. Mr Halfon said: “I have every sympathy for staff, members and all the sports clubs like Lanbgley Colts, who use the grounds. I understand that the Lease of the club has been sold by Pearsons to developers. What has happened is unacceptable: – the manner of closure, the lack of notice, and the lack of thought given to the impact on our community.

The youngest councillor marks out her vision for Harlow

`A BREATH of fresh air into the Harlow political scene is how 23-year-old, Emma Toal has been described. The youngest councillor in Harlow, cllr Emma Toal, went to St Mark’s, a school that encourages political debate. And Emma has graduated through school and sixth form, through Harlow Youth Council,through being a back bencher and is […]

Halfon slams “callous tweet” by Tesco boss

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has criticised a tweet by a senior Tesco manager who said shutting five depots was an example of “awesome teamwork”. Tesco is restructuring its distribution centres with the transfer of 2,000 posts in Essex, Surrey and Derbyshire.