Chief Constable blasts hungover cops

THE Chief Constable of Essex Police, Stephen Kavanagh has blasted officers who take sick leave to nurse hangovers. Mr Kavanagh spoke out after figures revealed that his officers were taking an average of 12 days off sick each year.Mr Kavanagh said: “If you look at the overall numbers, compared to other forces, there is a group – a small group, but a group nonetheless – abusing the process.

Harlow Council unveil new housing allocation policy

HARLOW Council has introduced a new Housing allocations policy which changes both the criteria that enables people to apply for Council housing as well as the way Council housing is allocated. Harlow’s current social housing shortage along with changes to Government legislation led the Council to review its housing allocations policy and the way its Housing Register works.

Bedroom Tax: “We will fight them on the doorsteps” say protestors

DOZENS of protestors gathered at last weeks Harlow Council Cabinet meeting to deliver a strong message to the ruling Labour group. They managed to avoid the scenes of last month when angry and vocal protestors were asked to leave. However, Mick Patrick made a passionate appeal to the Labour cabinet as he posed a question to them on eviction notices.

Essex County Council meetings

HEALTH Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Wednesday 9 October 2013, from 10am, Committee Room 1. Essex Fire Audit Governance and Review, Wednesday 9 October 2013, from 2pm, Fire Service HQ Essex Fire Audit Sub-Committee, Wednesday 9 October 2013, from 3.30pm, Fire Service HQ

Fairtrade motion passed by council

A VETERAN Harlow councillor succeeded in having a motion supporting Fair Trade passed by Harlow Council. Netteswell councillor, Edna Stevens asked the council: ” To renew its commitment to Fair trade.”

Harlow firemen stand firm on strike

HARLOW firemen went out on strike on Wednesday afternoon. Members of Green Watch stood outside the station on Fourth Avenue and certainly, judging by the honked horns of passing motorists, received a warm response.

Harlow Council reject claims by Welfare Rights

Councillor Mark Wilkinson, Leader of Harlow Council, said: “The fact remains that the organisation still owes Harlow Council £125,000 and the Council has no choice but to take this action to recover Council taxpayers’ money. “The Council will continue to defend itself rigorously from any further legal action.”

Suzy talks up “Aspiration” at Labour Party conference

IT was Labour who aspired to build the welfare state; Labour who aspired to build the NHS; Labour who aspired to bring in a National Minimum Wage. And today, it is Labour who aspire to build a One Nation country which gives all young people the best possible opportunity to achieve their potential.

Nominate a Harlow teacher as nominations open for Essex teaching awards

THE inaugural Essex Teaching Awards, which will celebrate good practice across the county is now open for nominations. Essex County Councillor Ray Gooding, Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning, said: “As Cabinet Member for Education I frequently hear about the great work taking place in educational settings. Teachers play an important part in the lives of all people and we are launching the teaching awards to celebrate and recognise these achievements.

Waida Forman: “Sometimes I am ashamed to be a Labour Councillor….”

I MUST say if nothing happens by October then I feel I will need to second the motion of “No Confidence in Harlow Labour Council” at the October meeting of HarlowTUC. I don’t want to tell people what they already know and are going through, but I do want to show them that we, the councillors, are doing something concrete to help them. That’s what people want. They don’t want our sympathy, we need to work hard to give them back their dignity.”

Concerns expressed over “exclusion” of muslim councillor

THE HUSBAND AND apparent spokesperson for Harlow councillor Waida Forman has expressed his concern that she has not been selected for a number of committees that deal with race. Trade union activist, David Forman told YH that the Labour group had not selected his wife nor a number of other councillors from ethnic minorities.

Council warns government over expanding Stansted

COUNTY councillor David Finch, Leader of ECC said: “The UK does not have the time or the money to waste on unpractical or undeliverable schemes that could suck up a sum of taxpayer’s money equivalent to twice the UK’s defence budget. Any proposal for a giant super-hub airport at Stansted is completely unacceptable to the council and Essex residents. “

Essex firefighters issue safety advice ahead of strike

Essex firefighters have issued safety advice to the public ahead of their strike next Wednesday. Essex Fire Brigades Union members, along with colleagues across the country, will be taking industrial action between midday and 4pm on Wednesday the 25th September. The industrial action is part of a national dispute over Government pension reforms.

Future of Healthcare in Harlow Debated

Your Harlow attended a lively debate hosted by the West Essex Clinical Commission Group tonight. The West Essex CCG is responsible for commissioning health care for Harlow and the rest of West Essex. The debate was the fourth and final debate in the range of events held across West Essex entitled ‘My Health, My Future, My Say’.

Labour candidate warns of fuel crisis for Harlow families

SHOCKING FIGURES have revealed that 2624 households in Harlow constituency are in fuel poverty, with thousands more facing a cost of living crisis. With The average family’s energy bill has increased by more than £300 a year since the last election, according to Harlow Labour Candidate, Suzy Stride.