Rare bit of welsh from Harlow MP

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon rose on the floor of the House of Commons to answer questions on the digital revolution in Wales.

Harlow MP launches campaign for free wi-f for Harlow Town Centre

ON Monday Harlow MP Robert Halfon officially launched a campaign to bring free wi-fi to the town centre.

MP Robert Halfon named deputy chairman of Conservative Party

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has been named deputy chairman of the Conservative Party in a speech about the post-election reshuffle made by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon “nothing to hide” over questions on donations

LAST year, Bishop Auckland MP, Helen Goodman asked a number of questions in the House of Commons over donations made to the Harlow Conservatives.

Streetlights: But will Harlow MP Halfon and fellow Tories get them switched on first?

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon, is spearheading a campaign to get streetlights in Harlow switched on, and kicked off the campaign by raising the issue in Parliament today (Thursday).

Harlow MP Robert Halfon tells PM David Cameron of Harlow’s very own white van woman

DURING Robert’s question, who was waving a copy of the Sun in the House of Commons chamber, asked the Prime Minister whether he had seen the story about Alison, and asked him to confirm that “white van women, especially from Essex, are the wheels of our long term economic plan?”

Harlow MP Robert Halfon urges government over rail improvements

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has urged the government to look at value for money, overcrowded trains, and upgrading carriages on the West Anglia Main Line, which links Harlow to London, and Stansted Airport. Minister for Transport, Claire Perry, then agreed to meet with Robert to discuss his concerns more fully, and see what more could be done.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon calls for Government to do more on pothole repairs

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon is calling on the Government to do more pothole repairs across Harlow. Mr Halfon has raised the issue in Parliament after learning that the number of potholes on 125 miles of roads in Harlow increased to 632 in the first quarter of this year.

Halfon backs petition to save Harlow’s school lollipop patrols!

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has backed a petition to save the lollipop men and women of Harlow. Essex County Council have launched a consultation into the future of the service.

Harlow’s bingo campaigners call House at Parliament

They were met by Harlow MP, Robert Halfon who was delighted to see such a large crowd of constituents as they marched to Downing Street. The crowd voiced their support following the launch of a national campaign at the beginning of the year that called for the Government to lower bingo duty.

Halfon promotes idea of the Conservative Party as the “Worker’s Party”

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon rose on the floor of the House of Commons to promote his proposal to reform the Conservative Party as the Workers’ Party. Mr Halfon spoke on the subject during Business of the House Questions in the House of Commons yesterday.

Halfon regrets redundancies to youth services

However, I am greatly saddened to hear that there may be some redundancies, although I am not yet aware of the details. The youth workers in Harlow are exceptional and Essex Council should do everything possible to help people find work if any of them are made redundant.

Halfon backs increase in the minimum wage

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has continued to back calls for an increase in the minimum wage. Mr Halfon said: “As many readers may have already heard, George Osborne told the BBC yesterday that he supported an above-inflation increase in the National Minimum Wage, and will be recommending this to the Low Pay Commission.

MP Halfon: “Tories must stand up for workers and not just millionaires”

AS Conservatives, we say that we are on the side of hardworking people. For this reason it is right that the government has increased the personal allowance. If, however, the slogan ‘for hardworking people’ really is to mean something, the Conservatives have to become the Workers’ Party.

Halfon fights back at ‘The Great Energy Company Rip Off’

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has conducted a report that shows how customers are being ripped off by sometimes hundreds of pounds if they do not pay their energy bills by direct debit, with one company charging an extra £390.

Halfon speaks up on Newsnight to back increased minimum wage

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon appeared on BBC’s Newsnight on Wednesday night to back calls for an increase in the minimum wage. Mr Halfon said: “Last night, I appeared on BBC Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman to talk about the National Minimum Wage and the merits of potentially increasing it, to help hardworking families across the UK who are struggling with the cost of living. I was joined by fellow Conservative MP, Mark Reckless.

Halfon defends decision to vote against Foodbank motion

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has gone on the record to defend his reason for voting against a Labour motion to investigate the reason for Foodbanks. Whilst much has been written on the 269 MPs who voted against the motion. Mr Halfon has echoed other Conservative MPs such as Romford MP, Andrew Rosindell and Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price who have pointed to the wording of the motion and believed that it was less about Foodbanks and more about an opportunity to condemn government policies.

Halfon Backs Hospice “Peoples Millions” Campaign

LOCAL MPs including Harlow’s Robert Halfon are joining staff and volunteers at St Clare Hospice in calling for the public to vote for their peoples million campaign, a spokesperson for the hospice said, “They are the experts when it comes to winning the public’s vote so it’s fantastic that our local MPs are backing our People’s Millions campaign. We will be out and about canvassing for the community’s support come voting day on Wednesday, November 27 when we will be urging people to pick up the phone and help us win £50,000 for our ‘Space to Breathe’ garden.”

Halfon shocked by TB figures

To my shock, TB in Harlow is on the rise and over double the national average. It is 28.1 per 100, 000 compared to 13.9 per 100,000 nationally. Thirteen percent is from recent transmission. For every person who has untreated TB, the disease can potentially spread to ten to fifteen people a year.

Halfon defends position on Bedroom Tax

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has defended his position on the bedroom tax after Labour candidate, Suzy Stride noted his absence from the debate in parliament on Tuesday evening. Robert Halfon said: “In a week when it was announced that unemployment in Harlow continues to fall, and the number of apprenticeships have gone up by 82%, I am saddened that the Labour Party has not released a press release celebrating this good news.

MP welcomes fall in unemployment in Harlow

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has welcomed Office for National Statistics figures which show the number of people claiming unemployment benefit in Harlow has fallen by 102 in the past year. The number of claimants in the town last month – 2,221 – is also 38 fewer than were claiming benefit the previous month (September this year).

Harlow Tories on cost of living campaign in Staple Tye

The campaign explained the Government’s fuel duty freeze which ensures that motoring fuel costs are 13p cheaper in tax terms. In addition lower taxes for lower earners will mean that those people earning less than £10,000 a year will be taken out of income tax altogether.

Robert Halfon wins Campaigner of the Year award

INSTEAD of hugging a husky, Halfon has been trying to hug a McCluskey this year; attempting to repair the relationship between the Tories and the Unions. His fuel duty campaign cost the Treasury £1 billion, as well as his campaigns for apprenticeships, free school meals for college pupils and justice for Kurdistan.”

Halfon raises question of youth services in House of Commons

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has called on the Government to ensure the future of youth services in Harlow as Essex County Council consults over slashing their budget from £5m a year to £2m a year over the next two years. Mr Halfon has tabled a Motion in Parliament which highlights the “remarkable” work of youth organisations in Harlow and the value they give to the local community and calls on the county council to protect the services “from any future budget reductions”.


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