Walkers and Talkers make their target

Charity / Fri 12th Jul 2013 at 11:51am

FOUR INTREPID walkers who are also partial to being talkers raised over two thousand pounds on a 50 mile trek for MedEuip4kids.

Terri Howard, Veronoca Johannsen, Tina Fawcett and Tanya Batram made the 24 hour trk.

In the ladies own words.

“WOW we made it 20 hours and 5 mins, we had a tiring but equally fantastic time, we met some amazing people, learning all about the different reasons and the different people that were walking. massive Thank you has to go to a couple of groups that seriously got us out of some sticky situations, one time being in the dark cold and rainy section 5, we were close to having to call for assistant along came some guys that knew were they were and they walked with us and talked to us really giving us the boost that we needed in the dark. No light pollution in the Pennine’s !!!!

A bigger thank you has to go to our husbands that stayed up all night met us at each section check point, ensuring that we had warm cloths and also food, they found us several times in the middle of the sections as we walked and talked our way around. They gave a massive boost it was great seeing them each time and getting hugs and kisses from them. and also helped T & V get on the road spot on the maps.

It was a massive challenge and we completed it we came in sixth, we were also the first girl team, only 3 girl teams competed both I am afraid dropping out. 32 started the challenge and only 28 finished.

The challenge was well organised, we have raised an amazing amount of money so THANK YOU TO ONE AND ALL

Tina, Terri, Veronica, Tanya


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