Harlow will run out of money again under Labour says Tories

THE LEADER OF THE Harlow Conservatives has warned that the town will run out of money if Labour keep “draining the council reserves.”

The warning comes after a cabinet meeting where Labour run Harlow Council published their first year report.

Conservative Councillors who pointed out that report showed that Labour has drained the Councils reserves by a whopping 20% in just one year!

Leader of Harlow Conservatives, Cllr Andrew Johnson said: “We know that Harlow Labour have a history of spend spend spend, but spending one fifth of the reserves in one year!

Four more years of Labour and Harlow will run out of money again!”

Cllr Johnson has pointed to the following figures in Harlow’s accounts, published on the council website.

Opening Balance (1 Apr 2012) – £3.267M
Year-end Balance (31 Mar 2013) after budget carry forward requests – £2.633M

YH will gauge reaction of the Harlow Labour leader tomorrow.

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