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Business / Thu 25th Jul 2013 at 02:00pm

WHAT if business owners really trained people for their future careers? And, what if you started hiring apprentices?

Join in on 26 July to get the latest on how to engage with young employees and get the most from schemes that provide a win-win for the learner and the employer! (Enjoy FREE breakfast and meet like-minded businesses)

What if you brought on an apprentice with the understanding that he or she would work for you for xy hours a week for the next two years? And that this person would not be in an entry level job sorting mail and filing excess paper, but would sit beside you in meetings, and learn to do what you do. Not just general knowledge about your business, but what it takes to do what you do?

(And yes, you have to pay them unless you can prove you’re not benefiting at all. And the reality is, even if you’re not benefiting at the beginning, you’d be benefiting by the end.)

Think of how that apprentice could be light years ahead of his or her counterparts.

An apprenticeship allows the Apprentice to earn and learn, and gain recognised qualifications that can set the Apprentice for life. The knowledge of how to handle a problem, how to put together a proposal, what goes into finding a manufacturer, and what a pain it is to find good insurance for your company, would be invaluable to the apprentice.

Need employees to grow the business – what about the apprenticeship model? What’s available… in Harlow

If you thought it was only mechanics and hairdressers – think again!

· TheLightBulb company and learn all the valuable information on how to employ a potential Apprentice and what this can do for your business.

· Listen to the local MP’s Apprentice and hear a day in the life of Robert Halfon.

· Hear OfficeScape, based at Greenway Business Centre, talking about what they have experienced hiring Apprentices and what the apprenticeship placement has done for them.

Get the inside story of employment growth in Harlow, join us to meet like-minded businesses at our next Harlow GROWth event.

Friday July 26th
Harlow Business Centre,
CM19 5QE

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