Halfon slams Tesco’s as Labour question employment practices

Politics / Mon 12th Aug 2013 am31 07:39am

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon says Tesco’s new motto appears to be: “Pile the money high, sell the workers cheap”.

The Harlow MP made the comments as part of the controversy stirred up by Labour’ shadow immigration minister, Chris Bryant, who, in a keynote speech, has slammed Tesco’s for their alleged employment policy in respect to “foreign workers”

But Mr Halfon, speaking on Radio 4 on Monday morning has also highlighted that it may be more to do with a “flexible labour market” more than anything else.

Other Tories such as MEP, David Campbell Bannerman have said that, under EU law, you cannot favour British workers.

Tescos distribution centre in Harlow was shut, with close to 800 jobs gone. Some Harlow workers have gone to the Dagenham centre.

For many, this will be a strategic reaction by Labour, after hearing on the doorstep in April, before local elections, that immigration was top of many voters concerns.

With UKIP tipped to make major in-roads next May, Labour may be accused of playing the race card.

Either way, Labour politicians in Harlow and elsewhere, will not thank Mr Bryant for what appears to be a poorly briefed and poorly executed policy.

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