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A Blogpost by Nishall Garala

“Hi readers, this is my first blog so let me start by introducing myself.

I have been a youth councillor for five years, I’m an ambitious seventeen year old, who organises and partakes in many activities, both in and around the school.


Over the last four years, within the Youth Council, I have set up the Youth Consultation, a service where youths can talk to trained mentors about their problems, worked with Neighbourhood Action Panels and many more. Those who know me would agree that I never give up, and that my persistence and drive are key elements of my personality. I apply these to all of my work within the Harlow Youth Council

So now on to my blog, as you know about me, a good topic to talk about is perception and young people, as my personal goal this year is improving the reputation of young people.

Perception is a fun thing, letting the mind make sense of something. Have you ever tried letting your mind make of something? Like young people and their ways, it is hard but can be done if you think young.

Over the years when I have been out and about, I hear many conversations about young people from the older generation of our town and vice versa, mostly negative in both ways. Why? Because people have different perception of each other.

Anyone who understands or studies the social development of children and young people knows that attitudes, values and self-esteem are well developed by the mid-teen years, or even earlier. What young people see and hear in the media helps them to figure out how the world works and who and what is valued in our society. So older people think of young people as immature unlike themselves, this is because whenever young people here comments in the media about factors that affect them it is normal done by an older person then themselves and many top media story mostly have negative comments.

So due to that the young people will automatically think that the adults don’t like them and they are the problem when this is not true and this causes the problem of negative perception.

So soon as you talk about young people in general to an older group, the answer will always be undesirable from a young people point of view and vice versa if you as a young person about an adult. This problem need to be solved by both groups of people, starting with the adult, by understanding a young person and recognising their potential and abilities, and giving them opportunities to exceed and show their talent, just by understanding why they do thing, think from a young person point of view.

Nishall Garala

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