Harlow Based Ghostbusters To Tackle Cancer In Charity Run

Charity / Mon 9th Sep 2013 at 10:06am


YOUR HARLOW met with Harlow based Essex Ghostbuster Ricky Westall to discuss what it means to be a Ghostbuster in Harlow today, and how he hopes to tackle cancer, as well as the supernatural, by walking eight miles in full Ghostbuster get up.

Tell me a bit about the Essex ghostbusters, how they were formed and what they do?

We’re a group of Ghostbuster fans who wanted to expand on this and play a role in the Ghostbuster’s universe, making their own uniforms and props. It was one of the first local GB franchises in the UK to be formed, and it was a way for like-minded fans to get together and attend events in their costumes. As well as attending conventions across the country we also do promotional and charity work, and even birthday parties. It’s all free of charge due to copyright protection, but we love being able to help out and meet the public in the guise of Ghostbusters!

Who is taking part?

Three of us are taking part; myself, Aimee, and Luke – which is most of the group, so I don’t think we’ll have much of a cheerleading section!

How much are you hoping to raise?
We’re hoping to raise £200 which we think is a sensible figure, we’re off to a slow start, but we think we can make it.

Tell me a bit about the event, what is it in aid of and why this is such an import cause, to you and the Ghostbusters?

The event is an eight mile walk through Hatfield Forest as part of the “Miles for Macmillan” campaign by Macmillan Cancer Support. I wanted us to help because cancer has affected my family, and it’s organisations like MacMillan that help you through it and help you and your family put your lives back together afterwards.

How are you preparing for running 8 miles in full Ghostbusters gear? What is the Essex Ghostbuster approved training regime?

Preparing? That’s a good idea; we should probably do some of that! At the moment it’s taking walks with and without the gear and hopefully getting up to the eight mile mark before the event. The proton packs and utility belts kind of prevent us from moving too fast anyway, so a brisk walk is probably all we’ll manage!

Have you encountered much paranormal activity in the Harlow area?

There are always stories of haunted buildings in a town that has roots as old as Harlow, and everyone has a story to tell as soon as they hear you’re a Ghostbuster, but so far we’ve not needed to throw a proton stream at anything!

The Essex Ghostbuster Just Giving page is: https://www.justgiving.com/teams/essexghostbusters

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