New Council housing policy takes effect in Harlow

News / Thu 19th Sep 2013 at 02:05pm


As of this month the Harlow Council housing register will become the ‘housing needs register’ a change intended to reflect that fact it will now focus on ‘need’ rather than how long applicants have been on the list.The most dramatic change however, is that applicants must have continually lived in Harlow for five years to be eligible.

Other groups of applicants will have their priority increased. Higher priority will be given to members of the armed forces and current tenants wishing to move to a smaller property. Also adopters and foster carers will also have increased priority on the new register.
Councillor Rod Truan Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Housing, said: “With the demand for social housing not easing we have to look at how we allocate housing and who should get priority on the register.’

‘It’s a difficult situation but these changes give priority to local people who are in genuine need of a Council home. We also need to be honest with people with less priority about their chances of ever getting a home.’

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3 Comments for New Council housing policy takes effect in Harlow:

Lee Dangerfield
2013-09-20 12:43:08

The council could have done a lot more to the housing policy and why does someone only have to work in the town for 12 months to join the register?

John Plumb
2016-03-17 23:00:38

My son has been on the list for 23 years.

2018-06-15 15:30:32

How many doors are being closed with this programme. Smacks of momentum policy of trying very hard to encourage grateful people to vote for ?

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