Letter to Editor: “Waiting forever on council housing”.

Politics / Sat 28th Sep 2013 at 10:29am


AS ONE of the thousands of people waiting forever on the council housing list i must ask if you would be so kind as to publish my letter. It is a disgrace that the third generation of the first people to live in Harlow are forced to move out of the town.

My grandparents moved here in the fifties and i am lucky enough to still have my grandmother here. Because I am not a priority because I dont have children and am single I am persecuted by Harlow Council and was told by a local councillor that I will never get a flat or bedist in this town so I might aswell give up the hope of ever having a council property.

This is an outrage and very negative. Why should I be forced to move out of the town I was born in and where my family live because they cannot provide a place for me to live. There was a promise in the fifties that the next generation would get housed, this was true because my Dad got a council flat back in the sixties but now it is my turn as a third generation of Harlow people and I am told it will never happen.

Personally I think the Council should keep their promises and stop persecuting people for not being blessed with wealth and prioritise their council lists a little better. And before you ask I cannot go into private rent because i dont have a guarantor, many other people have got council bedists and flats, I deserve one too. And yes I’ve got the hump.

Thanks for listening.

Clare Harrison

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3 Comments for Letter to Editor: “Waiting forever on council housing”.:

Lee Dangerfield
2013-09-29 06:56:11

I think the name of the councillor should be given out so that we all no who made this comment.

2013-09-30 11:02:46

Firstly Clare, I completely sympathize. A lot of young, single childless people like you and I do not stand any chance on the Council list without special circumstances, such as a serious illness. Secondly, the biggest issue with this is the lack of small and large properties in Harlow. This means is very hard for single people, very hard for elderly people to move to smaller properties, and for growing families to move to larger properties. This is why the Bedroom Tax is such a disgrace. Furthermore, I've always been of the opinion that the current system creates issues by putting people in one of 4 bands with some silly priority date. When I was a Conservative Councillor, I was pretty vocal within the group that something more needs to be done, and I think Lee was too! I'd go back to the points system that everyone understands, and I would put some kind of additional points into the system for Harlow Residents, more for 3rd generation and 2nd generation too. Have a look at the UKIP website on our Housing Policy - it shows at least one party is looking to address this issue. Mark Gough, Political Secretary, Harlow UKIP.

2013-09-30 11:05:23

Finally, I think when people go to get on the list, we need more honesty. If you end up in Band 4 then we need to be honest about peoples prospects. Would it be fairer to say "we wouldn't put on you on the list to give you false hope as it's not fair on you, but here are options and places you can go for help". I think so.

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