Benjamin Eel: A bitter pill and a beautiful voice…..

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By Holly Reijs

ON Thursday night at ‘The Square’ Benjamin Eel took to the stage. Behind him stood a range of incense sticks, this made the crowd wonder who was about to perform. Picking up his guitar with a big smile on his face, he filled the room with acoustic/alternative music. Around forty curious people stood around and watching Ben sing his heart out, meaning every single word he sung.

Red and green lights shone down on him, giving the room a calm atmosphere. Looking around the room, there were a lot of young girls staring at him, dribbling at the same time near enough. Ben’s voice is quite similar to acoustic singer Ed Sheeran but there is a more r n b style to it which keeps you listening.

Eyes closed, Ben really got into his music and it showed a lot of depth to his lyrics throughout the whole of the set. The one thing that got to me personally was the fact a few members of the audience were speaking over Ben whilst he was performing so at times it was quite hard to hear him, but it happens a lot when you are at gigs.

Three of the other bands who were playing later on in the night stood around the venue watching his performance which was really nice to see. Big cheers were belted out after every song performed, everyone seemed to love him. Ben interacted with the audience a few times, this made them stick around a lot longer and watch the whole of the set. Interactions keeps the audience occupied and aware and they really listen to every lyric.

Ben said that he was a little bit nervous, but you couldn’t tell. Ben regularly busks around Harlow Town, getting his voice heard, so seeing him performing on that stage was fantastic as his voice needs a lot more attention, not like it isn’t being heard already.

Ben has a full band at his next performance at the square on the 17th October so be sure to check that out!

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