Milwards triumph in latest Ofsted report

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milwardsMILWARDS primary school has been celebrating this week after receiving a glowing report from Ofsted.

A year ago, the school was judged to be “Satisfactory” but just twelve months later, the school has made a great leap forward.

By all accounts, the school, in a number of areas is “knocking on the door” of achieving an even greater rating.

The report has come as testament to the work of headteacher Angela Downie and her team.

Speaking to YH, Ms Downie said: “We are delighted at the report. In the seven years that I have been here, we have worked hard at including every single pupil, giving them a sense of identity and a sense of place.”

The school has been noted for its excellent approach to teaching in the classroom as well as its view on the outside world.

Ms Downie said: “Students take part on visits to France and Scotland to name just a few places. We want them to spread their wings.”

To use sporting parlance, the school has benefitted from a settled side with many of the staff in place for a number of years.

But Ms Downie stressed the importance of the students.

Ms Downie added: “The students are wonderful and are so keen to learn and develop. They are a credit to the school backed up by their parents, the staff and the governors.”

Ofsted made the following positive comments:

1. Milwards is a happy and inclusive school. Parents are confident that their children, particularly those who are disabled or have special educational needs, are making good progress and are well looked after.

2. Pupils achieve well. They make strong progress from low starting points, particularly in writing. By the time they leave school, their standards in English and mathematics are broadly in line with the national average.

3. In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children quickly develop their communication skills and learn how to get on with one another.

4. Teaching is consistently good and some is outstanding. Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and work. They plan lessons that engage pupils well and mark their written work regularly.

5. The headteacher is a very positive role model and is ably supported by a knowledgeable and well informed governing body in a strong and effective drive for continual improvement in pupils’ achievement.

6. School leaders are rigorous in checking the quality of teaching and pupils’ progress.

7. Pupils’ behaviour is good. They enjoy coming to school, where they feel safe and secure, and find their lessons interesting.

Many Ofsted reports have detailed criticisms as to why they did not achieve the next level. But the Milwards report simply ahd two comments. One of them was: “Pupils are not given enough responsibility for their own learning.

“They are not clear enough about how well they are doing or what they need to do to improve”.

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