Reflections on conference: Halfon “determined” to help cut cost of living

Politics / Fri 4th Oct 2013 am31 10:20am

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has returned from the Conservative Party conference with a number of messages for his constituents.

Mr Halfon said:

“I came back from Manchester yesterday following the Conservative Party Conference. The main message was that the Government remain determined to help cut the cost of living and support hard-working families.

“The Chancellor announced a freeze in fuel duty for the whole Parliament, raising the tax threshold for lower-earners to £10,000 and the introduction of a married tax allowance for non-higher rate taxpayers.

“The fuel duty freeze is a momentous announcement – for many decades, Governments of all persuasions have been ratcheting up fuel duty. The Conservative led Government reversed that trend, cancelling Labour’s planned rises and cutting fuel duty in 2011. Each Budget and Autumn Statement has seen fuel duty frozen. It is worth noting that the fuel duty freeze means that the Government has £5 billion a year to make up in tax revenues. However a rise in petrol and diesel taxes would mean a real break on economic growth.

“On cutting taxes for lower earners, the raising of the threshold to 10k, will mean a tax cut for 24 million people and over 2 million taken out of tax altogether.”

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