Toddbrook Vets scandal: Pet owner asks MP “Why wasn’t vet suspended?”

Politics / Wed 9th Oct 2013 am31 07:48am

A HARLOW woman who registered a complaint against former Harlow Vet is set to go to Harlow MP Robert Halfon to ask why a vet was not suspended during a “disgraceful conduct” probe.

Last week YH reported that Geoff Oliver had faced a number of charges in relation to treatment of animals at his Toddbrook practice but he requested to be removed from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) list of vets shortly before a tribunal could hear his case.

But Sheila Sullivan of Morley Grove, who complained to the RCVS about the treatment of her cat Ashlan has asked Mr Halfon to look into procedures.

Ms Sullivan states:

“I write to you to ask that the RCVS be required by law to introduce the power to suspend vets under investigation and prior to a disciplinary hearing.

“My cat, Aslan, was blinded by Mr. Oliver’s failings as a vet in September 2010. I complained to the RCVS about this in January 2011. No action was taken by the RCVS to stop Mr. Oliver from practicing. Thus he continued to harm other animals and betray the trust of people who paid him for his expertise. He closed the TVC in the summer of 2013.

“Between January 2011 and last month I regularly contacted the RCVS for news of progress with my complaint (the evidence was overwhelming). I was told that mine was not the only complaint. When pressed, the Professional Conduct department explained that, unlike other medical professional bodies, the RCVS had no powers to suspend an apparently failing vet prior to a formal disciplinary hearing. So, by being unavailable, and by requesting adjournments, Mr. Oliver continued to profit from malpractice.

“It seems important to me that the veterinary profession should be held to account for this failure to impose standards. Can you please raise this with the appropriate authorities and give me your considered opinion?

YH contacted the RCVS but they had not replied at time of publication.

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