Suzy Stride urges Essex County Council not to turn their back on Young people

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ON TUESDAY night, Labour’s parlimentary candidate Suzy Stride hosted a listening event on the future of the youth service in Harlow. Around 30 young people attended the event in order to voice their concerns and to speak about the consultation on the youth service.

The young people were angry at the proposed cuts, having already lost services in the last 18 months. Many stating that local youth clubs had already reduced their opening hours. A group set up opposing the cuts has already reached over 300 likes on Facebook.

Several of the young people present admitted they would likely be ‘getting into trouble’ and would be ‘hanging out on the streets’ without local youth clubs. With others expressing concern for younger siblings, fearing they would not have any services left and would not receive any support.

Stride was joined on the night by County Councillors Karen Clempner & Mike Danvers along with Cllr Emma Toal, Portfolio for Youth & Citizenship from Harlow Council.

The young people sent out an invite for the Conservative Cabinet Member in County Hall, Ray Gooding, to come and meet them at their youth club, to explain the cuts in person.

Stride said ‘It was amazing to see young people standing up tonight and fighting to save the services which are so important for them and the whole community in Harlow. Having worked myself with young people for over 10 years I know that these services are crucial for their education, employment and support; and that cutting them is not just devastating for young people but will have a huge impact on their families and the whole community in Harlow. We are asking the whole community to rise up and say no to these cuts and join us at the protest on Thursday 31st October.’

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