Heaven knows we’re miserable now…….

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happyIT SEEMS fitting that in the week Morrissey released his autobiography, Harlow residents have been judged some of the unhappiest in the country.

The government has been trying to measure how happy we are as a nation and Harlow has some of the unhappiest people in the country.

People were asked on a scale of 0 to 10 how happy they were with 0 being ‘not at all happy’ and 10 being ‘completely happy’

In Harlow it was just 6.54. Nationally the average happiness score in England was 7.28. Overall Essex had a score of 7.25.

Of course, how many people in Harlow were asked is a good question.

Sure enough, our sister paper, www.yourthurrock.com reported last year that Thurrock was the unhappiest place in Britain.

That went on to make national news, when in fact when you drilled down, you found that the sample was of men aged between 50-59.

Likewise, around 100 Harlow residents were asked. Therefore, 79,900 were not.

Least happy places in Britain

Harlow, Essex
Brentwood, Essex
Hyndburn, Lancashire
Islington, North London
Corby, Northamptonshire
Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
Derry, Northern Ireland
South Tyneside

Happiest places in Britain
Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Moyle, Northern Ireland
Hart, Hampshire, England
Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Limavady, Northern Ireland
Orkney Islands, Scotland
Banbridge, Northern Ireland
Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland
Eilean Siar, Scotland
Down, Northern Ireland
East Devon, England

Most anxious places in Britain
Horsham, Sussex
Eden, Cumbria
Belfast, Northern Ireland
South Derbyshire
Islington, North London
Purbeck, Dorset
Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Lambeth, South London
Greenwich, South East London
Tandridge, Surrey

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