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Charity / Thu 24th Oct 2013 am31 10:11am

ST Clare Hospice will be able to buy two specialist pieces of medical equipment to help patients administer pain relief in the comfort of their own homes thanks to a £3,405 grant from the Axis Foundation.

The two McKinley T34 Syringe Drivers are small battery-powered pumps that deliver medication from a syringe through a soft plastic tube placed under the skin. They are used to deliver a continuous dose of medication to control symptoms such as pain, sickness and fitting and can be administered by patients themselves.

The benefit to the patient is they have greater control over their pain management and require less intervention from a nurse, meaning it does not restrict their independence or mobility.

The Hospice will use the Axis Foundation’s funding to purchase the top of the range Syringe Drivers as a first step to replacing its current stock with the latest cutting-edge equipment.

St Clare’s director of patient care Louise Cameron said: “Syringe drivers are crucial for our patient care services and we need to replace our current stock to bring them in line with those used by other care providers.

“These small pumps provide prescribed doses of medication to alleviate symptoms such as pain and nausea. Syringe drivers also ensure that patients do not have to undergo repeated painful injections or take medicine when they have trouble swallowing.

“Last year, the Hospice cared for 720 new patients in the In-Patient Unit and at home so the syringe drivers are an essential piece of kit for helping people with terminal or life-limiting illnesses to control their symptoms and feel as comfortable as possible.

“We are grateful to the Axis Foundation for enabling the Hospice to buy these vital pieces of clinical equipment.”

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