Harlow Council chair lambasts press over lack of good news

Politics / Fri 25th Oct 2013 at 06:57am

IN a rather startling but impassioned outburst, the chair of Harlow Council lambasted the lack of good news stories promoted in Harlow regarding the jobs market.

Cllr Linda Pailing began the meeting of the council by informing members of the events that she had been attended.

The lady chair is a constant presence in the town and had just been attending a cultural event at Stewards Academy.

Cllr Pailing told the assembly that she was delighted to attend the opening of the new Pitney Bowes office, which will house 175 new telesales staff.

The Lady chair said: This was a really good news story with jobs coming into Harlow and not going out. This wasn’t reported in the press like other good news stories.

A spokesperson for YourHarlow said: “We accept the Lady Chair’s point. Recently, we looked back on a Harlow Gazette from 1983. It had 114 good news stories and six crime reports.

Those 114 good news stories are all out there. We have only been running for four months and will get there..in time.

“We would like to point out that other towns and boroughs send the mayor or chair’s diary to the press and/or send press releases to us.

“However our reporters did appreciate the lady chair coming up to us at the end of the meeting and thanking us for coming.”

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1 Comment for Harlow Council chair lambasts press over lack of good news:

2013-10-25 15:02:39

Well frankly it's the job of Political Parties, Councillors and Candidates to put out good news stories and do decent press releases. Speaking as UKIP, a party with no Councillors yet for Harlow, we've had some pretty good coverage. We do suffer in Harlow now from a smaller work force at the Harlow Star, and the disappearance of the Herald, but the arrival of Your Harlow is very good news. That said - perhaps Your Harlow need to do some more publicity themselves - as you often do stories the Star doesn't, and that would bring more people to the site! Regards, Mark.

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