Review: Award winning Vikki Stone definitely has the X Factor

Harlow Playhouse / Sun 27th Oct 2013 pm31 03:46pm

Review by Perdi Harris

HILARIOUS and relatable, Vikki Stone is an absolute must-see. Expect the unexpected as the winner of The Soho Theatre “One Night Stand Up” award delivers her intelligent analysis of popular culture, peppered with profanities and side-splitting wit.

The over the top, musical comedy is fresh and fast-paced in a show that cleverly satirises ‘15 minutes of fame’ TV by mirroring its format.

The show is a sensory attack. Smoke, sound effects, slide shows and more keep the audience on their toes as Vikki darts between props and her custom made piano in sky-high bejewelled heels.

The interactive element, one of the show’s defining features, sees our audience taking part in a hugely over-produced opening number, in a parody of The X-Factor and other Saturday night shows.

An unsuspecting member of our audience becomes T-shirt-wearing ‘Vikki’s Mum’. Another person takes charge of a smoke machine and before long, we’re watching ‘Vikki’s mum’ push Vikki through a smoke cloud, on a rollable stuffed camel to create a slow-mo camera panning effect as she sings about her dream to become a star.

Jam packed with pop culture references, observational humour and musical mayhem, other songs include a tribute to her middle-class, gilet-wearing heroine and an innuendo-filled ballad about Professor Brian Cox.

Unafraid to swear and make fun of herself, her honesty about relationships and sex makes for some serious belly laughs. Lyrics are spot on – clever word play and pedantic language quibbles have the audience roaring in their seats as she muses about the ‘not-so-perfect’ man.

Other highlights include ‘Deal Or No Deal’ with Vikki playing host in a ginger beard, talking us through the varying cheese prizes available. The show ends with the return of ‘Vikki’s Mum’, this time incarnated as a dancing dog, complete with head to toe costume and a cameo from her real dog, Bert. Admittedly Bert is more interested in the discarded dairy, but it’s a brilliant finish.

Amongst the crowd was Ann French from Stebbing who has seen Vikki twice already. She said: “It was hilarious, I was crying with laughter. It didn’t disappoint.

“I’ve seen her before so there are some bits that I’ve seen, but it’s still funny, even though I know what’s coming. If anything, it’s slightly different every time.”

Speaking to Vikki after the show, she said: “I really like the interactivity, it’s become a ‘thing’ in my shows.

“People started to ask me if the people were plants, so I put a post on my Facebook saying please comment if you’ve ever been one of the leading roles in my show. There’s about 60 posts, it’s like a support group!

“I like to be able to come up with things in the moment, I like the freedom, but I wouldn’t do a whole improvised show.

“I like to write songs and I like to write comedy but I also like standing on the cliff edge, I have no idea what’s going to happen. ‘Deal Or No Deal’ can go anyway; to have that fear keeps it fresh.”

How does she feel about the whole ‘women in comedy’ issue?

“It’s a big bug bear of mine. Even the fact that the phrase exists – ‘funny women’ and all that kind of nonsense. I just get angry that there are not the same amount of opportunities for women that there are for men”.

“They say, oh well there’s not as many women, so there’s twenty percent female comedians towards eighty percent of men and that’s fine if twenty percent of every line up was women, but it’s not. We’re a long way from 20/80, so that’s the goal.”

For more information about Vikki and upcoming dates, visit www.vikkistone.com.

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