Suzy writes to Robert on youth cuts

Politics / Wed 30th Oct 2013 am31 05:24am

A letter to Robert Halfon from prospective parliamentary candidate, Suzy Stride

Dear Robert Halfon,

I believe you should be fighting to protect youth services in Harlow. Instead you voted for the local government cuts which have led to cutbacks in the services.

As you will know Essex County Council is consulting on their provision of youth services and proposing cuts of £3 million. I call on you to oppose these disgraceful measures. Failure to stop them will lead to the under provision of crucial youth services in Harlow, and will damage the prosperity, cohesion and day to day running of our community. There is little doubt that this will leave the lives and futures of our young people severely damaged.

Already young people in communities like Harlow have been hit particularly hard by the recession. Harlow is paying the price of your Government’s decision to impose the dangerous cuts on public services. How can it be right that you cut back on vital public services but support tax cuts for millionaires. Your Government has let families in Harlow down, picking millionaires over mums and bankers over babies.

A Labour Government would put families first, investing in what is best for parents and children. Labour is on the side of hard working families. Your Government has let them down.

Yours sincerely,
Suzy Stride
Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow

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2013-11-04 02:31:13

Whilst I agree with the sentiment, it's a shame it is so clearly a cut and paste job produced from Labour Central Office. The Millionaires line is pathetic when income tax was 5% lower under Labour, and the bankers over babies line is just sick quite frankly!

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