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Communities / Wed 6th Nov 2013 at 12:51pm

ESSEX County Council is celebrating the successes of its adoption service this National Adoption Week (4-10 November 2013) as 46 children have been placed with adoptive families this year.

In addition, Essex has also approved 35 more adoptive families and is on track to outperform the previous year’s performance with the highest number of children placed. Despite these improvements however, there are still 70 children currently waiting for adoptive families.

Essex County Councillor Dick Madden, Cabinet Member for Families and Children, said: “Our adoption team have worked hard to improve performance over the last year. This has been achieved by being able to recruit more staff using the Adoption Reform Grant. Despite this we still have children waiting for adoption and I would encourage anyone thinking of adopting to get in touch.”

This year the adoption service is encouraging people to consider adopting a child with disabilities (CWD). Essex currently has eight CWD awaiting adoptive homes. Whilst the challenges of adopting children with disabilities may be more complex, each adoptive family are given extensive and on-going support to help them manage these challenges.

One of our CWD adopters said of the rewards: “Adopting a child with disabilities is a big thing to consider, you may never have diagnosis that explains the package of disabilities but the positives totally outweigh the negatives. Our daughter is now a teenager who enjoys her special school, is fully involved in family life, makes a mean cup of tea, and it is only occasionally when she is poorly, that we are reminded of her problems.”

In addition the adoption service also spoke to a sample of 25 adopters to develop a better understanding of the motivations, experiences and needs of potential adopters during the recruitment process. All participants said they would recommend Essex County Council to anyone interested in adopting.

The research showed that most people believed the county council were expert in handling adoptions and there was no reason to look elsewhere. Other highlights included:

– Quality of information provided was good

– Encouragement and positive responses of staff

– Information evenings were very informative and beneficial

The research also pulled out various positive statements from adopters which include:

– “Our social worker is fantastic and very experienced”

– “having an adoptive family as mentors gave us the confidence we needed”

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